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Engaging No Matter the Cost

Engaging no matter the cost
by David Dvorak

Accused of terroristic actions & threats
Restoring peace to all innocents our main cause
Leaving no one behind if given the chance
Effectively tossing a wrench into the works of the blood industry
Lending more than our hands into fighting this struggle
Making waves in the public eye not our main intent
Fracturing their plans before, during and after put to work
Ominous visions replaying daily of everything this war will take
Reacting even by shows of force whenever needed
Vindicating all voiceless innocent by any means
Objectionable actions to those opposed to the voiceless' freedom
Indicative more of these industrys' cruel intentions
Modus operandi of this blood feud no longer the accepted way to be
Nearing a possible deadly impasse the fight goes on
Taking their idiosyncrasies and adding it all as ammo
Guilty feelings never to even cross their rancid minds
Hallowed lives of the less fortunate massacred as if void of worth
Tempest of the ages only shining more light on the guilty
Echelon of like minded strive to free the voiceless from this vicious cycle
Hierarchy of the guilty soon to crumble
Mainstream media only appearing to come around at times
Escalating the fight to higher levels of intensity than ever before
Impact of our actions stretching across the globe
Methodically destabilizing these blood industries
X factor of their own works to be their own downfall

2.23.14           ~dmd

Message on side "Removing them all from the mix" First letter of every other line starting at line #2

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