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Embracing Freedom Through Eradication

by David Dvorak

  Macabre actions soon to be set in motion
Dejected daily at the loss of billions sentient
  Injuries performed on many only to earn a wage

Embracing freedom for them all as more than just a notion
  Now seeing this brainless world with full lack of patience
Rendering many of the opposition unfit for future duty all the rage

  Demanding drastic changes all be made
Ecstatic seeing when only some animals be released
  Listening to those against with their brainwashed banter

Leaking pertinent info when action plans before us are laid
  Enraged at all abuse & slaughter that from now on be ceased
Illogical meat eating hordes always following the incorrect answer

  Securing safety & sustenance for all we save
Challenging anyone anywhere even authorities if we must
  Smashing buildings, vehicles or any technology if the call arise

Taking our time valuing the animal lives vs any cash you'll have to pay
 Destroying all equipment because of all we can't trust
Iditarod difficulty of a journey trying to let the innocents survive

  Under over-watchful scrutiny of countless departments
Observed also by countless countries mindlessly brainwashed
  Taking it all in stride, covertly still accomplishing what must be done

Now causing many of these blood industries many detriments
 Iliad Odyssey of sorts dealing with governmental cyclops' like
       -single vision all needing to be squashed
Only time can tell now if many will be saved or lucky to rescue one

  Eradicating many of the barriers forced our way
Finding better results when accomplished by force
  Standing firm only proving to fight again another day

12.1.14. ~dmd

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