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by SeaWolf

Were it so as legends tell
Dragon on my bow may be
That which now doth bode me well
For he has now thus flown to me

As he doth decide to perch
I so steer my course with care
I'll not chance to suffer lurch
His legend what was won of dare

Days so old when knights were bold
Oft that tale o'dragon told
Yet now he soars with us through time
A legend yours a promise mine

Must have he then heard my chant
Or mayhap 'twas me a'rant
For rode he well upon my craft
Never once a'glancin' aft

As on those waters we down went
Days begun & so soft spent
Adrift in time o'endless mind
Friend such dragon I did find

Told me tales o'times before
O'such deeds o'days o'yore
Yet captured me he'd done so well
In mind o'dragon I did dwell

Sailed that river to her bay
Done that journey on that day
Yet never ever shall I forget
Dragon once landed upon my deck

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