Donde Voy memory of the dogs slaughtered in Chinese cull (a song on one of the websites that is no longer accessible) and all those victims whose only "crime" was to be a stray.

Donde Voy
song by Chyi Yu

All Alone I Have Started My Journey
To The Darkness Of Darkness I Go
With A Reason, I Stopped For A Moment
IN This World Full Of Pleasure So Frail
Town After Town On I Travel
Pass Through Faces I Know And Know Not
Like A Bird In Flight, Sometimes I Topple
Time And Time Again, Just Farewells
Donde Voy, Donde Voy
Day By Day, My Story Unfolds
Solo Estoy, Solo Estoy
All Alone As The Day I Was Born
Till Your Eyes Rest In Mine, I Shall Wander
No More Darkness I Know And Know Not
For Your Sweetness I Traded My Freedom
Not Knowing A Farewell Awaits
You Know, Hearts Can Be Repeatedly Broken
Making Room For The Harrows To Come
Along With My Sorrows I Buried
My Tears, My Smiles, Your Name
Donde Voy, Donde Voy
Songs Of Love tales I Sing Of No More
Solo Estoy, Solo Estoy
Once Again with My Shadows I Roam
Donde Voy, Donde Voy
All Alone As The Day I Was Born
Solo Estoy, Solo Estoy
Still Alone with My Shadows I Roam

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