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Dismantling Of Evil


by David Dvorak

      Dismantling the bloody operations with their sickening taste      
Hastened all the more by their murderous tendencies
      Yearning to exact the same turning their heads to waste       
Underestimating never their power through government agencies
      Impacting the future of the earth even by their actions      
'Means to an end' leaving only when true moral justice has taken place
      Notion of animal rights not just a fad but done for positive reactions
Observing their cruelness to all animals reacting smashing in their guilty face
      Grounded in the fact & the sanctity of animal life      
Rampant animal abuse & murder for this revenge we vow
      Frenzy of our attacks both verbal & literal sharp as a knife      
Illegal actions taken at times with only more soon to follow
      Often relating us to be no better than a home grown evil      
Nixing their belief that it's their right for their constant cruelty
      Obtaining freedom for those that deem human to equal the devil      
Gaining their release by any means maintaining our humility
       Legion of AR black sheep arm in arm now aglow with pride      
All over their passion of humoring the cruelty blood driven fool

12.29.14                                                                         ~dmd

Message on side starting first letter of second line & then every other line  - "Humoring a dying fool"

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