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Dire Selection

Dire Selection
by David Dvorak

Shadows & darkness covering most, if not all, moves we make

Expecting the worst even when all is not as planned

Exacting all forms of hell on the heads of the guilty

Responding when evils of the world rear their head

Lending anything needed to free the imprisoned

Aspiring that the world be left in peace

Enriching the minds of all that witness

Denying the guilty the gains & profits they seek

Condoning any action taken, if for this cause

Illicit actions we've taken on all animals' behalf

Taking any danger head-on to rescue the captive

Ceasing any further moves no where near the end

Irritated at the coldness & heartlessness of the world

And risking life & limb to complete this all

Never leaving any animal behind

Training our eyes & minds to watch for any dangers

Grieving for those gone before we arrive

Including all on land, air & in water

Drastic times calling for us to help even more

Onto one battle from the last & keeping up our pace

Idiotic & purely evil, these blood industries fight to sustain control

Nicest icing on the cake, the look of peace on the face of the released

Recoiling just as a cobra & striking back with increased force

Showing us their hand at every turn as we increase with even more

Efficacy of all we do seen in the eyes of those we bring back


Starting with the first line, use the first letter of every other line “Selecting Dire Eradications” 4.28.14 -dmd

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