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Diabolical Referendum

Diabolical referendum
by David Dvorak

Deciding the fate of many even before birth
Restricting access to ensuring the animals' safety
Impending death & torture the only fate the voiceless see
Eliciting different reactions then the industrys' intent
Ample supplies for us never needing to go their same bloody course
Frantic reaction to the world's callousness to these atrocities
Believing in the right of the voiceless to exist fully in peace
Establishing plans & setting them all in full blown motion
Old methods and tactics now past as new styles now incurred
Relying on and staying true to our own beliefs
Leaving only when plans become fulfilled
Endeavoring to set all free & bring an end to all future harm
Intrusive procedures forced on the voiceless left behind
Never ending battle knowing the cruel set in their ways
Calloused to their core seeing no other way to be
Denying the voiceless' rights of nothing to fear
Altruistic to our own core never to back down
Undermining the industrys' bloody intent
Lessons of this never accepted by the guilty
Making our work & all attempts also to never end

2.28.14         ~dmd

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