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The Devils Are in the Details

"The devils are in the details"
by David Dvorak

The cruel never ceasing to amaze
Inches from snapping someone's neck
Hating the carelessly evil
Negotiating with them never possible
Evil now encompassing the world
Tearing new born calves from their mothers
Designating their day to die
Hesitating not a second to kill the next
Eliminating cage doors to free the voiceless
Evacuating the fur children into waiting trucks
Video monitors and cameras smashed to being useless
Destroying both computer files and systems
Idle hands being the devil's workshop
Evil and darkness worsening by the second
Losing faith in near all humanity
Treating the rescued once they are safe from harm
Shutting down blood industries as opportunity permits
Aspiring for full animal freedom
Assemblage of the like minded to meet only in private
Icing on the cake once the mission is accomplished
Recovering all the voiceless at every chance we get
Locks never posing the slightest problem
Echoing cries once the voiceless are rescued
Security heightened only encouraging the fight intensify

1.22.14  ~dmd

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