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Desperate Correction Needed

by David Dvorak

   Correcting the state of reality for many

Directing this correction for both victim & foe

   Old ways no longer to be accepted

As more than a work in progress, no more to be be forgotten

   Never "bending" these archaic rules but rewriting them

Mending the hearts and souls, hopefully, of the abused

   Treating with respect the dead same as the victims of war

Anger & rage only the barest tip of what is felt

   Reacting with more by my side as time goes on

Giving out the truest street justice whenever the need arise

   Omitting the guilty from the earth same as their own crimes

Evil of their deeds getting returned to them a thousand fold

   Leaving some guilty of the same afraid to even show their face

Message on side starting with the second line & then every other line "Damage Control"

11.23.14     ~dmd

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