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Dear Child:

Life is not about a set plan. You must go with the waves of life like an ocean. Sometimes the breeze is strong. Sometimes it is not there at all and you wait it out. Sometimes the seas are rough. Sometimes you feel like you are going to be swallowed up in the waves of a raging sea but if you trust that the sun will come out, you can get through the rough days and waves.

Trust is the opposite of control. You need to work on your need to control and begin to trust that everything is in Divine order -- not the order that you try to maintain which only turns into chaos. Your chaos shows you that you can not control order. You need to rest your weary mind. Let it relax and you will move into a higher connection.

You need to do less in a day and you will get more done. Meditate. Breathe deeply. Take walks and life will flow for you. You will be in sync instead of fighting the current and becoming weary and discouraged. Take the time to be with yourself and Divine and doors will open for your and the sun will shine down upon you.

All is well, Child of God.

~ Author Unknown but appreciated ~

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