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Cow Milk  - Moral or Sin?

Cow Milk - Moral or Sin?

If cow was my mom, I sort of idiot,
Why I forced my father to pull my cart ?

Since long, my mother's breast everyone teased, squeezed,
Cruel God, when my mother will die in peace? released ?

If I suck your mom, will you love it ?
If I talk unwise, my milk, why you suck it ?

Leave us, why you all milk my Godly Mom, eat my parents bone?
Why you squeeze her breast ? For God sake, Please leave us alone.

Don't Milk My Mom,
Shahid, Chan, Amitabh, Tom.

Cunning or Opportunist , How human am I ?
Centuries sucked animals bones-n-blood, Why ?

Why innocent, weak animals should die, not I ?
For their taste-n-stomach, Why should I, not die ?

Who is more hungry ? They or I ?
Who is more greedy ? God you stare ? Why ?

Don't eat the innocent weak

My companions in world, all animals-n-beasts,
Should I cut them, caring, curing them least ?

Think you are not human,
But animal in fact, indeed,

What pain you feel,
If you become animal's feed?

Taste-n-Stomach, sake,
Greed-n-hunger, fake,

Superstitions-n-Myths, awake,
Animals-n-Beasts, sacrifice,

Pretending Moral-n-Ethics,
Human still pose nice-n-wise.

By Naresh Sonee
(Scribbled Jan 17, 2008 in between 12.10 pm - 12.30 pm)

Poet Naresh Sonee is an author of a non-mythological, non-religious Hindi book published in 1999. This capsulated book is based on author's own authentic philosophy on spiritualism that offers, logical sacred verses 'Brhmaand Pujan' which means 'Universal Prayers'. All sane religions should merge under 'One Religion' ' Which should be called 'Humanism' is the aim or say the dream project of this awkward poet. Though his poems are very ethical or logical, but many of his poems are still forbidden as they corrupt the readers' or religious mind. His self style verses in 'Brhmaand Pujan' has been reviewed positive by critics too and had has been praised by so many popular news papers of India time & again.

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