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Choosing life of hell over life of peace

"Choosing life of hell over life of peace"
by David Dvorak

Claiming actions were performed by radicals
Having police and security on their side
Observing recorded phone and internet activity
Only to see AR actions going on un-phased
Stupidity and arrogance of their own forcing us to fight
Indicative of a life long battle that may never see an end
Negative feelings of our actions not stopping us from freeing more
General mirage fooling many that we're a new breed of terror
Lighting varied locations ablaze
Igniting offices and computer files on fire as well
Freeing countless animal prisoners
Escaping before security and police catch on
Other attempts sabotaging will be made to these savage companies
Firebombing fur and leather companies even known to happen
Halting the torture, abuse and murder of millions our only hope
Ending the slaughter our main attempt
Liberating animals from water, air and land
Loving the voiceless even if their freedom costs our own lives
Obstructing animal abuse at every chance we get
Vanquishing the moral deprived crowds of their ill gotten gains
Efforts sometimes accomplished without a fight
Raising awareness of this cruel trade broadcast worldwide
Lifting spirits when even one is saved
Increased sheer joy when saving even more
Friends giving assistance if like minded
Entering closer to times not so cruel
Observing even the brain-washed shoving animal flesh in their mouths
Forcing our way even into these stores as well
Pouring red paint over windows and all throughout
Etching our message across their main window
Acid poured over register, counter and tables
Classified terrorists; our fight is for their freedom and peace
Entering this near eternal battle never with doubt

1-19-14   -dmd

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