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I am not a piece of leather.
I am not a pair of shoes.
I am not yours for you
to do with what you choose.

I will not be bruised or beaten.
I will not be whipped or chained.
I will not be sold for profit
for mere financial gain.

Despite my strong defiance,
I cannot speak a word.
Despite how much I suffer,
my death still goes unheard.

I can think that I am not yours,
or believe my heart is free.
But it's foolish to not notice
The grim reality.

I am made to entertain you.
I'm for you to eat and wear.
I am made for you to test on
I am made for you to scare.

I am cut up in a lab,
Or cut up on a plate.
Why can't it be you,
who saves me from this fate?

It doesn't take much effort.
It just begins with some caring...
Give compassion to all beings
and start animal-millionairing!

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