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Chinchilla Poem

In Memory of Lost Furry Friends....
This is a poem from the Mon Petit Guy Memorial Page

Grinnin' Chin Hobby Ranch
Paul Robicheau and Sandra MacEachern
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Tiny paws reach for me in my dreams
as you did in life
taking my heart in your small fingers
in the brief time allotted to you.

I feel your whiskers on my cheek,
hear your diminutive chirrup in my ear
near the shoulder that
you loved to snuggle on.

I reach to touch the ethereal,
velvety softness that was you
but grasp only heartache
and hard reality.

I am disconcerted that something
so little and fragile
should leave such a large hole
and such a powerful ache.

I find myself weeping for
joy never to be shared,
baby kisses lost to the wind and
the missing piece of my heart.

These you take with you
along with my love.

What might have been....
difficult words oft spoken
in fading whispers
with a sigh.

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