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Caring only they remain free and safe

"Caring only they remain free and safe"
by David Dvorak

Chasing cruelties from around the world
Ambient in our stance against this hell
Relating to animals more than ever before
Irradiating closed minds as this battle goes on
Never once feeling sorry for our actions
Gloves off when fighting face to face
Only moving when "coast is clear"
Never leaving without rescuing the fallen voiceless
Leaving nothing behind but messages of reason
Yearning for the release of those still caged
Trading places with the voiceless leaving the guilty in their place
Heading toward the light at the end of the tunnel
Embracing help given at every turn
Yesterday being too late to resurrect their chance to live
Restoring things to only as they should be
Entering new and worse fights as time goes on
Making their deaths not in vain
Allowing others to know what actual freedom feels like
Introspection of our acts only to perform better at next chance
Not needing memories of their pain to justify our actions
Falling true tears from our eyes for the unsaved
Reacting out of love for the voiceless
Engaging one foe after the last
Enemies never something we run out of anymore
Ad infinitum - without an end in sight
Never losing sight of animal freedom being the goal
Denying our own freedom ensuring their own
Safely exposing the cruelty seen worldwide
Acceleration of rescues needed as police accelerate their own
Federal and state laws only hastening our actions even more
Escaping to freedom only when all are rescued

1.22.14    ~dmd

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