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Canada's Ice flows
by Cynthia Minde

Your waters are getting warmer and your Ice is melting, maybe hell has set into your land.

Maybe the spirits are revenging the crimes you are doing on her by your human hand.

The baby seals are dying even before you can have them, but yet you remain ignorant of the fact they are suffering.

You still remain in a state of mind that this is rewarding, yet this torture by the hand of man is immoral.

Canada's Ice Flows will disappear, the seals will be gone.

Is this the victory you have wished to win?

Is this the kind of solution you have been aiming for?

You will get into your boats and your seas will be quite, they will be like glass with nothing inside of it.

You have destroyed the waters of their beauty by turning them red, The blood stained ice will melt and show disapproval to those who have not fled.

No more Ice Flows will form in your land, They will diminish into water and your lively hood will end.

From the mighty spirit above watching over the suffering has become ponderous to all who have entwined in this massacre of blood.

Beware of her predestination. As it will become everlasting misery to all that are involved.

As you so suppressed to prevent publication or revelation of, Then you become exceedingly unaware of the powers of the law.

So as the sea takes back what it has given, there will be certainty one day your land will not be forgiven.

I am just a specter in the shade, Watching this foul decision you have made.

Now the waters are warm and the past is the past, This will be your final cast.

No more Blood Ice can be seen, This is your prophecy you will see.

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