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Beauty in the eyes of the beholder

"Beauty in the eyes of the beholder"
by David Dvorak

Benefiting humanity
Even when only seen by a few
Actions from past, present & still to be
Under cover of night stealing into hell
Threatening to make it a thrilling memory
Yielding no longer to not saving even more
Intending to take this til it even to a bitter end
Nothing else matters than setting more free
This war may never see an end
Holding stronger even longer than the same
Evil minds blinded to the effects they set in place
Eliminating their supplies, files & anything else they need
Yelps of dogs crying for food forced to live in feces covered cages
Eradicating these facilities of hell
Strong and sincere intent made by the AR true
Objectified by mankind many animals never to know true love
For this alone humans only deserving to die
Taking the weak using them for all purposes
Hating how most are still forced into the same
Embracing them, begging forgiveness for causing this hell
Believing in their rights and willing to die to ensure it
Ending the entirety of all their suffering
Halting their constant massacres only feeding the disease of mankind
Other atrocities existing as well
Leaving us a choice to act or continue following the blind
Destroying storefronts & warehouses holding flesh & fur
Every eye looking for the next action
Reminding us to proceed with a heightened caution
Securing needed info of where next to strike

1.22.14  ~dmd

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