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BSL Must End

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A poem inspired by the story of Bruce

Bring Bruce home where he belongs

A plea from Bruce

by Maria Daines

I'm reading about Bruce the pit bull mix
Banned from his family because of what he is.
I'm wiping my tears, I'm hurt inside
Thousands of signatures, a petition - no crime.
Dogs like Bruce are pushed out of sight
They are dragged away, they have no rights
They are banished with no bail, they mourn, become frail...
In the darkness of ignorance there are no wagging tails.
These dogs are removed from where they grew up
With teddy bears and play toys and arms that hugged
With people that smiled, with families that loved
There is no forgiveness? When is love not enough?
I'm upset once again and I quietly cry
I've read so many stories of the bully breeds plight
So many are taken by Breed Specific Legislation
An unworkable law for any dog loving nation.
Discriminating, cruel, hurtful, unfair
An act of horror on paper written by those who don't care
Used by those in high places who think they are clever
Think of the hearts they have broken forever...
BSL is destructive, it will never be humane
It's a horrible trick of name and shame
It's a bad deed unto dog lovers and the dogs that they love
Responsible owners are given the shove
While real villains and abusers who hang around on street corners
Are beating the system 'above' law and order
They continue to fight their dogs and deal drugs
And good people that care are treated like thugs
People who take their dogs to the vets, who microchip, neuter
Hope for the best...
Good dogs are forgotten when BSL strikes
It cuts rough and deep, regardless of 'bite'
I could call 'you' a pit bull Mr politician
Would you be dragged away? Would you need a petition?
This poem is a way to express my sorrow
As I wipe my tears and worry about tomorrow
BSL is a nightmare, a political farce
It might even be funny if it didn't cost lives
Your neighbour could say your dog is 'a risk'
And then you could find his name on a list
Your beautiful pup, your elderly mix
Where will you stand if he's seized by police?
So speak up LOUD and speak up NOW!
For the rights of families to protect their hounds
Speak up and speak out before it's too late
BSL is a law based purely on hate!
When the knock comes to the door and your dog starts barking
How will you stop this law from working?
What will you say when they muzzle your friend?
When they drag him away and tell you he's banned?
When he's labelled a 'problem' because his face fits a 'look'
And they tell you he is dangerous, when you know he is not.
Who will be there for you if politicians don't care?
When your dog is destroyed just because he is there...
Who will protect the over bred pups
Whose lives are cut short in a game called luck?
Who will you look to when your dog makes the list?
When he's banned and brutalised, no parole, no release´┐Ż
He's your pet; he's your brother, your sister, your friend
She's your family member, the one you defend
Who will you turn to when BSL strikes?
Speak up one and all - because justice is right.
I'm a lawful good citizen; I do good deeds if I can
But BSL stinks and I raise my hand
I will never uphold a law such as this!
It's an almighty mistake and your dog could be next...
It's inherently cruel, unbearably bad
When the law is an ass good people get mad!
Write letters, get marching, the time surely has come
We must kick the backside of the BSL bum!
They will tell you it's only 'for your protection' - oh yes!
They will spew lies for England, for they do it best!
But this lie isn't working, it won't pass the test
For your Staffies, your Mastiffs, your bully breed friend
You have every chance to bring BSL to an end
Take the bull by the horns and never give in
Say NO to this rubbish, send BSL to the bin!

Maria Daines 2009

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