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by Cirila Toplak

I have a lover, she is a beauty
She's smart and fierce and dignified
Yet always humbly at my side

Her love for me is unconditioned
Unconventional, unspoiled
Could she care less
If I'm well-dressed or I'm a mess

When I hold her perfect body
Closer to my heart
So she can hear it beating
For her alone
I feel whole
Everything else disappears
Those moments are a prize
I cannot hold
Just memorize

It's perfectly irrelevant
That she's not of my own
She smells like home

Only one thing turns me sad
Since my sweet lover is a cat
I cannot make her last
Only replace her fast
By another graciousness embodied
Their characters may differ
Feline love though is a constant
Hard to win, impossible to lose
Man or cat? I need not chose

Published in: 33 Ounces of Something by Cirila T.
Maribor, Slovenia: Locutio.
Copyright Cirila Toplak, 2011

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