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Activism in Motion

Activism in motion
by David Dvorak

Taking the fight to a whole new level
Realizing far more needs to be done
Hesitation no longer an option
Establishing protocol for living in peace
Echoing this same cry for all species
Singling our own alone as above all no longer
Dabbling again in areas where humans don't belong
Professing the voiceless to be better off left alone
Rendering those ignorant of this truth to be without heart
Observing the cold hearted as they continue to abuse the animal world
Orchestrating the death of billions, the blood industries feel no guilt
Neglecting to provide the love and care the voiceless deserve
Playing god & ruining countless lives, humanity fated to suffer
Discovering this reality mostly when already too late to change course
Objectifying the voiceless rather than accepting their right to exist
Illuminating more of their inaccurate belief they are be above all
Freeing many of the voiceless enslaved now the chosen battlefield
Needing more to see and accept this as our reality
Abolishing these conditions a deeply desired goal
Gag orders imposed only making this more difficult to achieve
Hard hitting steps needed even more, when fighting against this
Ascending to a higher morality of existence freeing the near forgotten
Achieving this peace for all becoming harder to reach at times
Taking it all in stride, we push on still to release them all
Treading where many still ignore, we continue the fight for their freedom

3.13.14   ~dmd

Secret message Starting the second line and then every other line - "Responding at the drop of a hat"

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