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A Bleak Winter's Night

Written by Trudie and Paul of Doris Banham Dog Rescue

Imagine a kennel on a bleak winter's night
Invaded by winds that ravage and bite
Pools of thick ice gleam on rough concrete floor
And elements rage through barred window and door

Isolated and hidden within walls without shame
Imprisoned frail dogs, some without names
Forgotten and frightened and left slowly to freeze
Whilst no caring hearts hear their cries or their pleas

Yearning for warmth forced to huddle and shake
Desperate for water through ice that won't break
Predatory disease drains their courage and fight
Grave coughs and sad whimpers fill the cold hostile night

Death may come calling for the young, ill and old
As their frail broken bodies lose their fight to the cold
Hearts grow weaker and their breathing shuts down
Released body fluids flow on the iced ground

A dog coat or blanket would have kept cold at bay
Affording those lost a precious new day
But instead they suffered such a terrible death
The cold of the night stole their very last breath

Now imagine you can help the young, ill and old
By sending a dog coat to protect them from the cold
And warm soft blankets on which they can lay
Giving them strength to face a new day

YOU have the power to save them from the cold
Give them hope of some warmth and of growing old
This power lies within your wallet or purse
Please donate blanket or dog coat before the winter gets worse.

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