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A Promise Kept

"A Promise Kept"
by Cheryl Greear
© 1998

I stood behind a tree in a forest at dusk watching what was no less than amazing.

A little girl sat crouched down all alone.

She was smiling, yet I saw no one else in sight as she gazed straight ahead.

As I watched, I saw her reach out with open arms to no one.

Then, all at once, I saw animals of all kinds walking towards her.

I wondered why they were not afraid of her or of each other.

A blue bird was the last to join as he flew to her hand and sat.

I knew that I was witnessing something precious and extraordinary by this world.
I had often pondered how the Garden of Eden had been.

In my amazement, she turned her face and smiled at me.

With this smile came a radiant light all about her.

It was at this moment, I had no doubts that God indeed takes care of all His creatures just as He promised; for in this light her wings shone brightly.

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