You lifelessly do another casual stroll on catwalk,
looking so calmly in presenting "final product" of ruthless,
silent killing machinery.
Without remorse, touching else natural belongings
on your own "hot product"..

You swing your hips,
and leftovers of mutilated carcass fly around You.
It doesn't ring your bell,
no- you don't recognize that smell
of hard burden and slow, tremendous death.

You Stop and stare ....
do your pose and turn...
that bleached skin with hair that hangs on you is dead-
but on your turn, it moves around you...
in slopes...

oh....wait a minute,
Did I mention that pain was unbearable,
and was coming in slopes-
Very hard. and then harder.
To die of-And then they did!

You can't feel that because your body is numbed,
your emotions float in accounts with six zero's .
While removing Your hairs have you ever cut your self with that expensive diamond razor?
Have you ever saw your own blood coming out from a wound?
Could you stand a pain, on medications or straight?

Eyes of the World are crying, watching desperately how biggest funeral and horrific massacre is turned in commodities and accessories!

You... glittery puppet, You still live for public opinion;
And public is asking from you
to Stop taking your part in this disgraceful act,
to end lending Your body as a hanger for trimmed hairs
on dyed corpses...

Selling something that belongs to you is work,
but selling something that is not yours- counts as crime.

Fashion statement says "be your self"
In opposite to what Fashion is preaching - Fashion dictates:
"be someone else"!

Models, wake up!
You are not some toy on batteries!
Speak up loud- I Don't wear Fur!
And World will applaud You
and the world will support YOU!

by : Jelena Z. /JeZa/
To end misery of animals used in Fashion, to end use of Animal skin, fur, claws, jaws, horns....(and other body parts)as trendy fashion accessories.

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