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Message for Models/ Fur belongs to animals

Message for Models/ Fur belongs to animals.
(part I)

A "must have"

Fur belongs to animals.
Animals apparently need it- they own it.

Humans remove fur witch they posses,
because humans are "disgusted" by it,
now designers serve animal fur as "must have"!
And this statement is true
but it goes on account of animals,
yes- fur is "must have" for Animals.

Fashion scene- bloody disgrace?

Humans invented fashion.
Fashion prolonged endless suffer.
Designers created scene of skeletons without face expression,
wrapped in carcasses..
and gave them name - Models.

by : Jelena Z. /JeZa/
To end misery of animals used in Fashion, to end use of Animal skin, fur, claws, jaws, horns....(and other body parts)as trendy fashion accessories.

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