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A Hell Secured

"A hell secured"

by David Dvorak

        Reality worse than ever before
              Masking murder & corruption
        Even blinding themselves to the harm
              Eliciting varied forms of communication
        Collecting billions as others suffer
              Securing their own level of hell
        Excited to gain the world losing their soul
              Sinisterly in league with "the law"
        Idolizing kings of wealth & power
              Aspiring shallowly to be at the top
        Vilifying any who stand opposed
              Genuine efforts made only to save lives
        Eliminating the slavery of animal-kind
              Entering fights to end all forms of death & abuse
        Deciding their lives are worth more than just flesh, fur or fin

1.15.14                                                              -dmd

Starting with the second line -
take the first letter of every other line and then do the same using the other lines

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