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For the Love of Justice and Truth

Following a different ethic code

     Living to set free all the voiceless

Obligating themselves to live to a higher standard

     Omitting the cloth from over their eyes

Reacting to the ignorance and insensitivity of the masses

     Vacating animals from both cages and labs

They are now placed on the same level as terrorists

     Even though they only react to the sheer mistreatment

Hacking through fences, doors, walls & windows

     Only to alter the injustices around

Escaping the same way they entered

     Freeing those bound for pain and death

Justified as most of the world chooses to look away

     & pretend everything is as it should be

Unveiling the truth to most ignorant to it all

     Truth hurting some as others just turn away again

Speaking the truth whether through direct action or protest

     Resting only when the voiceless are saved

Then researching with open ears for who else needs rescue

     Utilizing the news, phone & even �moles� within

Idolized by many as some of the last true heroes

     Touching many hearts through whatever it takes

Challenging views many hold as the only reality

     Helping eyes and minds to finally see truth

Even through the scorn, jail and ignorance

5.29.11 -dmd

The title can also be found using the first letter of each line. The first two word are in the first paragraph and the second paragraph contains the last two words

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