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Vegan and animal rights books
Big Pig The Cause Lanterns in Hand Minny's Dream
Big Pig
Andrew Tyler

The reader cannot fail to support Big Pig as the book follows his rebellion against his human oppressors. Not suitable for children or the faint-hearted.
The Cause
Jane Mann

This contemporary novel recounts the tale of a young woman who becomes involved in the undercover world of animal rights. The horrors of vivisection become apparent as she works in a laboratory.
Lanterns in Hand
Madeline Munro

Evocative poetry book which explores the author's early life in a North-East Scottish farming community and the birds and animals all around her. 78pp.
Minny's Dream
Clare Druce

A gripping story about the nightmare world of the battery hen house, told by a young teenager. A fast-paced and exciting children's novel.
Under the Stairs The Umpteenth Dalmatian Ollie The Lazing, Amazing Cat  
Under the Stairs
Mary Brady

Realistic children's book covering difficult issues. Peter's life changes when he meets a family of animal rights activists at a zoo demo. Suitable for teenagers.
The Umpteenth Dalmatian
Mary Brady and Steve Hutton

A story for young children recounting the tale of a scared Dalmatian puppy who is bought from a farmer, but who eventually finds a caring home. 32pp.
Ollie: The Lazing, Amazing Cat
D.A. and Steve Hutton

Beautifully illustrated story for children and cat lovers of all ages about the secret adventures of Ollie. 2003. 24pp.



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