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A Hatful of Pain -- by Craig Burton. A comic but poignant murder mystery about ALF members.  Complete Book Online
A Man Out of Season - by Andrew London
Angel Dogs -- Stories compiled by Angel Animals.
Animal Aid : vegan and animal rights books
Animal Instinct -- 03/06. A thriller, and a book about the plight of animals.
Ask Now the Beasts - November 2007. Ruth Rudner
Bad Elephant Far Stream - by Samuel Hawley
"Behind the Mask" - Fictional Novel Based on AR Movement - by Dana Ridenour
Biting the Moon by Martha Grimes.
Buddy & Jack -- by W. B. Smith. A novel about a blind dog & his terrier friend.
Crazy Love -- by David Martin. Animal Rights activist love story.
Critters have feelings, too - three novels reviewed, April 2007
Dakota - by Martha Grimes
Dead Meat -- by Sue Coe.
Dr. Rat by William Kotzwinkle. Surreal and All Too Real: A Book Review
Elizabeth Costello - by J.M. Coetzee
ESM books - Children's books with a vegetarian ethic, by E. S. Machlin
Etre the Cow - Dr. Sean Kenniff
Foster - Destroying the System - by Murilo Vianna
Fowl Gestures: The riotous madness behind the animal rights menace - Bob Chorush
Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice - Children's Book
Gascon Feathers -- Novel that reveals the Foie Gras industry.
Giraffe - Based on a true story of slaughter in the Czech Republic
Hellsucks - by Noel Sweeney. Heroine is a lawyer and an animal rights activist.
How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat - by Rosa Close
      How The Little Fox Saved Her Coat - video
      A bilingual, fully illustrated anti-fur children's book by Rosa Close
Humphrey the Hereford - by Stephen Marcus Finn, AR children's book
Injera: The Gift - by D. Rhodes. Animal rights espoused throughout the story.
Last Rites - Charles Patterson (author of Eternal Treblinka)
LittleSeal - St. John's store bans local author's anti-sealing children's book
Michael Brother of Jerry, by Jack London (free online).
Mink -- by Robyn A. Rolison-Hanna, fall 2008
Minnie's Dream: Powerful book about battery hens from UPC
Miracle Dog -- Dog survives euthanasia.
MIRACLE DOG: How Quentin Survived the Gas Chamber by Randy Grim.
Mothercage -- by M. ni Bhradaig. An insight into the workings of an ALF raid.
My Fine Feathered Friend -- by W. Grimes. Man and chicken become friends.
My Year Of Meats by Ruth L Ozeki.
Nielsen Ebooks - Dulcimer Nielsen
No Mercy by Marianne Pena
Off The Track - by Betsy S. Lee
Quit Monks or Die by Maxine Kumin.
Rage and Reason by Michael Tobias.
Recommended Reading by Bill Mahr - September 2006
Saints and Angels - novel version - September 2010
Sisypuss: Memoirs of a Vagabond Cat - by Patricia Halloff
The Ahimsa Club - by Rebecca Burke, 2011
The Ethical Assassin -- 2006. David Liss. Animal rights protagonist.
The Great Escape - 2008, by Natalie Haynes
The Sons of Equestris -- 2006. By Nick Robley.
The Starling God - 2013 by Tanya Sousa
The Underneath - by Kathy Appelt, 2008
The Vampire and the Vegan, Book I: Food - Merlene Alicia Vassall
To Look Within, 1 mb .pdf by Randy Warner.
Troublespots -- 8 minute .wmv about Dalmatians, by Randy Warner.
Under the Stairs -- by M. Brady. Life changes for boy when he meets ARAs.
Veganman: the Man Who Started a War for the Liberation of the World's Animals - by Sean Duffy
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler
Wildlife Mystery Thrillers - Jessica Speart's "Unsafe Harbor", the 9th in her Rachel Porter Fish and Wildlife Agent series, is a wildlife mystery thriller, a new genre that, unlike traditional mysteries, brings wild animals into the foreground.
When the Animals Were Allowed to Speak for a Day by Franz Spengler
White Eye by Blanche D'Alpuget.
Whose Coat? -- by John Luksetich. Children's book with anti-fur message.
1 For -- pdf by Randy Warner.

The Plague Dogs, by Richard Adams. Published in 1977,s written by the author of Watership Down. The Plague Dogs is about two dogs, "Snitter" and "Rowf" who escape from a animal research center.

Beside the Hemlock Garden: On Lives and Rights by James Strecker.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
, by the Jonathan Safran Foer, who is the novelist who also wrote Everything is Illuminated. Both books have vegetarian protagonists who make animal friendly comments throughout, and both got rave reviews from all quarters.

The following novel, online in its entirety, is not about animal rights. However, it's well-written and may be of interest of activists:
    Story of SNLA. Inside A Terrorist Group. The Story Of The SNLA. By David Leslie.

A book written in the spirit of revolution: Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman.

Softened in the Blood of Angels

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