Today I bring to your attention a review of my book Western Turf Wars that appeared in Paragon Music Magazine last July. I'm announcing the review only now, seven months later, for two mundane reasons. First, I didn't learn about the review until last October. And second, I was then told that the review would eventually appear in an html version in addition to the very large pdf file of the entire magazine, the download of which might be cumbersome for people with slow Internet connections.

But my patience in waiting for such an html version has now been exhausted. Taking matters into my own hands, I have stripped the review from the original voluminous (magazine) document and installed a condensed version of it on my own website where it weighs in at a mere 128 KB.

This is a long and thoughtful review of my book and the subject with which it deals: the destruction of our public lands by ranching, and the politics behind that destruction. The reviewer is Mike Jaynes, lecturer in English and Humanities at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

This is probably the last review of my book that will be coming along, as it's now more than two years since the book's publication. So, if you're not yet familiar with the book, this is a good review to learn what it's about.

Here's the link to the review:

And the link to the book's website:

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