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Veganman: the Man Who Started a War for the Liberation of the World's Animals

Veganman: the Man Who Started a War for the Liberation of the World's Animals

by Sean Duffy

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It is about animal liberation activists waging war against those who participate either directly, or indirectly, in cruelty to animals.  The description and sample provided on Amazon give a pretty good idea of what the book is.  Please check it out.

There is no book like this one. It is the definitive animal liberation novel. This book informs while it entertains. It’s violent, because it is an attempt to show people how animals are treated by treating humans the same way. This is an expression of vegan and vegetarian anger; it is nothing less than a revolution for the sake of the world’s animals. Sadly, it’s not any more violent than the way animals are treated by people every single day. This is the rare story that’s more about animals’ happiness than people’s happiness. This is fiction for a reason. It’s fiction from the heart. Numerous ways in which animals are treated cruelly are addressed. This is a strange book. One chapter might contain violence, because it was necessary to liberate the animals. However, the next chapter might be quite different, because it shows how things have improved greatly for the liberated animals. Animals saved from living in horrible conditions are either set free or transported to spacious sanctuaries, where they will be taken care of by real animal lovers. This book is both an animal lover’s dream and an animal abuser’s nightmare. It’s a result of the author’s love for all animals; he is trying to change the world for their benefit. However, you don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy this story. It’s fresh, original, well-written, packed with action, and even funny at times.

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