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The Underneath

Appelt, Kathy.

The Underneath

New York et al: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2008.

"A novel like this comes around every few decades. Featuring the haunting art work of Cauldecott Medal-winning artist David Small, this is the story of the unlikely bond between an abandoned calico cat and her kittens and the lonely chained-up hound dog who tries to protect them from a scary man who will surely use them for alligator bait if he finds them. But kittens are notoriously curious creatures. And when one kitten's curiosity gets the better of him, it sets off a chain of remarkable, life-changing events.

Set deep in the backwaters of the bayou, this is a harrowing yet sweet tale about the power of love and hate, the fragility of happiness, and the importance of friendship, family, and making good on your promises"

(Children's Book-of the-Month Club Bulletin July 2008: 11).

Barr, Nevada. __Winter Study__. New York: Putnam, 2008.

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