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The Starling God

by Tanya Sousa

Product Description

Trying to make sense of humanity's quirky and often devastating behaviors, birds formed a religion complete with mythology, lore and fissured beliefs.

"This is dangerous territory you place your wings in, my starling friend," the goldfinch lowered his voice. "I feel something strange in the air ever since you came here. You aren't usual, and there is an energy growing in the air we breathe -- like a berry on the vine. It's ripening, and when it's ready, there will be either a wonderful feast or poison."

The tenuous world-view of birds and perhaps humans too, is about to be challenged by the coming of a Starling of Prophecy and the truth He is called to discover and ultimately share.

About the Author:


Tanya grew up in Northern Vermont and spent her childhood searching for partridge eggs, catching frogs, and taking sojourns with the family dog.
She turned nearly every school assignment into a chance to write a story and had to be pulled away from reading time - the books of course being animal-related tales.

She holds a BFA in Writing and is a licensed Guidance Counselor; most of her career has officially been in human services, community development, and counseling children but everything she does involves writing and animals whenever possible. For instance, she has used therapy dogs in the school setting and then wrote a book about it, then donating close to a thousand copies across Vermont and then the country.

Tanya is a prolific freelance writer and has published in "Vermont Magazine", "The Canine Chronicle", "Dog and Kennel" among other magazines, and had creative nonfiction stories in A Cup of Comfort for Dog Lovers and Chicken Soup for the Kid's Soul Two.

Three of her children's books have been published with Radiant Hen Publishing, the stories focusing on encouraging the idea of growing your own food and sustainable living. She also writes material for adults - both short fiction and novels.


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