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Inside A Terrorist Group
The Story Of The SNLA
By David Leslie

Chapter Twenty One
Weapons Of Mass Destruction

What is a Weapon Of Mass Destruction? The definition the SNLA uses is:

"Any technique, method or weapon which threatens the large-scale destruction, disruption of, or damage to human, plant or animal life, or to any of the other systems or utilities on which society depends".

There are seven types of WMD which are identified by the acronym "CARBINE":

C = Chemical,

A = All Other,

R = Radiological,

B = Biological,

I = Information Warfare (i.e. Computer Warfare and Electronic Warfare),

N = Nuclear,

E = Environmental Warfare.

Whereas in the popular conception WMD are seen as weaponry capable of causing massive human casualties, many types of WMD involve no direct loss of human life.

A computer virus is an example. It might cause major systems to fail throughout the UK, and cause massive economic losses, but it is unlikely to cause significant numbers of human injuries or deaths. It has an almost purely economic effect.

And, again, it is the economic effect of WMD which is of paramount importance.

Thus a computer virus could qualify as WMD if its effects were sufficiently damaging. It would be classed as type "I" for "Information Warfare".

And the destruction, damage or disruption of any vital public utility, such as water or power supplies, by any means, would also cause irredeemable economic damage.

Even conventional methods can be used as WMD. For example, the recent (July 2005) London underground and bus bombings have caused an economic crisis. Not only has the London underground lost up to 500,000 passengers a day, but the number of tourists visiting London has sharply declined.

Bearing this in mind, that the prime objective of using WMD is to cause massive and irredeemable economic losses, it will be seen how vulnerable the State actually is, and that a WMD capability does not depend on the possession of sophisticated nuclear devices, exotic chemicals, or similar advanced weaponry.

It can be argued that human losses caused by WMD are only relevant when a threat to human life is necessary to cause economic damage. For example, by frightening people away from using a certain service or visiting a certain location as tourists.

This is the doctrine of the SNLA in regard to WMD, and some of their experiments with WMD will be examined in some detail in some of the following chapters.

Chapter Twenty Two
The Water Poisoning Plot

In early June 1999 a number of letters were received by various official bodies including the British Embassy in Dublin.

The letters, supposedly sent by the previously unheard of "Republican Revenge Group", which purported to be an Irish Republican grouping, stated that, unless the British State gave a public undertaking to make a complete withdrawal from Ireland by a given date, the Republican Revenge Group would poison England's drinking water supplies by injecting the poison Paraquat into the public water supply system through any of the millions of fire hydrants which are located throughout the mains water system.

It was a chilling threat, and the letters, which appear to have been remarkably detailed as to the precise method by which the attacks were to be carried out, caused a panic reaction in the highest levels of British government.

A special emergency Cabinet meeting was called by Tony Blair (possibly a COBRA meeting), and various measures to deal with the threat were implemented.

This was already a difficult time for the Labour government. Not only was the Kosovo crisis then at its height, but the Northern Ireland peace process was at a crucial stage.

The threats were kept secret to avoid public panic, and the editors of the main newspapers were called to the Cabinet Office and briefed on the absolute necessity of media silence.

At the same time, in Ireland, at least one and possibly two meetings of the Irish Cabinet were called to discuss the threats, and the head of the Republic's most elite police unit, the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, was personally briefed by the Taoiseach - the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern - to investigate the threats and the Republican Revenge Group.

According to Paul Williams, a criminologist, author and journalist, writing in the Irish newspaper "The Sunday World" in July 1999, the threats were also discussed in private meetings between Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, and his Irish counterpart, Bertie Ahern.

In the UK, toxicology experts carried out an urgent assessment of the potential threat, while the water companies began to amass vast amounts of emergency water supplies.

These were 10 litres of water per person in the English population per day and they were stored in plastic containers and water tankers. Given that the population of England is nearly 50,000,000 people, this means that 500,000,000 litres of water had to be stockpiled to provide just one day's emergency supply. How many days supply of water were stockpiled during the emergency, and what this cost is not known, although the cost must have been substantial.

A series of security measures were put in place throughout England. The Hydrant Location Maps, normally used by the water companies and the fire services, were obtained by the police forces and "hydrant patrols" were established by police forces throughout the country in an attempt to monitor the millions of hydrants in England.

At the same time, armed police and undercover SAS units were drafted in to guard major water supply facilities.

In effect, the whole of England was in a state of undeclared siege.

On Saturday, July 10th, 1999, Adam Busby was arrested for questioning about the alleged plot, and the story finally broke.

The "Mirror" July 12, 1999:

"Police Grill Poison Plot Terror Scot

Water Blackmail Plan Is Foiled

By Louise Hancock

Scots terrorist Adam Busby was still being questioned by police in the Irish Republic last night over a plot to poison English water supplies. Garda sources said he could be held until Tuesday before being charged or released.

Busby is alleged to have led the scheme to blackmail the British Government into withdrawing troops from Northern Ireland. Tony Blair and the Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern were among those who received letters threatening to contaminate English reservoirs with lethal chemicals.

Thousands of people could have died if the plan to poison water supplies had succeeded.

It is believed the 50-year-old ex-soldier from Paisley is the leader of the newly-formed Republican Revenge Group. The terrorist group - thought to have links to Irish paramilitaries - sent the chilling warning letters last month.

Messages sent to the Papal Nuncio, the British ambassador in Dublin and water industry regulator Ofwat called for a "total British military and political withdrawal" from Ulster.

The threats sparked a massive joint operation between Scotland Yard and the Garda to track down the blackmailer. A news blackout was imposed to prevent mass panic among the public.

And Tony Blair held an emergency cabinet meeting last week to discuss the situation.

Last night, however, Government sources claimed the plan would never have worked."

In fact, it is quite clear, from the measures taken to provide emergency water supplies and lay on emergency medical facilities, that the plan would have worked – and the British government knew it. So too did some of the media:

"Sunday Mail", July 11, 1999:


Police Seize Scots Terror Boss Over Deadly Plot

By Charles Lavery

A Scots terror chief has been arrested over a plot to poison English water supplies.

Adam Busby was held with four other men, including a senior figure in the Irish National Liberation Army.

The arrests followed a series of raids by armed counter-terrorist officers on homes in the Dublin area yesterday. They are understood to have been the culmination of a month-long surveillance operation.

A news blackout was imposed in Britain and Ireland and Tony Blair and Irish premier Bertie Ahern both held crisis Cabinet talks to discuss the threat.

Security sources believe Busby was the leader of a gang which called itself the Republican Revenge Group.

Their chilling plan, revealed in letters to public figures, could have killed millions.

The gang wrote to Blair and Ahern, as well as the Papal Nuncio and the British ambassador in Dublin, and an English water company. In the two-page letter, they warned that unless British troops were withdrawn from Northern Ireland, they would poison English reservoirs and water supplies.

They also enclosed an eight-page document detailing which chemicals would be used and how they'd be placed in the water system. Forensic experts told security chiefs that the consequences would be fatal.

A surveillance operation swung into action. Busby, who once plotted to kill the Queen, was watched round the clock before yesterday's raids. The Irish Special Branch and the elite National Bureau of Criminal Investigation swooped on homes across Dublin.

Those arrested were taken to Mountjoy police station and held for suspected offences against the state.

A senior Irish police source said: "The British security services were climbing the walls when they heard about this. "The situation was treated extremely seriously indeed and news of it was kept very tight. Both prime ministers were kept fully informed of the operation. This went right to the top."

A massive operation was mounted to co-ordinate the actions of the various police forces and the intelligence services, the Irish police, emergency services, water companies and Government toxicologists.

While water companies throughout the country were placed on full alert, Cabinet Ministers, including Home Secretary Jack Straw and Health Secretary Frank Dobson, gave Whitehall officials the go-ahead to request cooperation from the media in a complete news blackout.

The aim was to prevent public panic, to deny the terrorists publicity and to prevent a spate of hoaxes or copycat threats. These could have paralysed the emergency services and caused water supplies to be interrupted while security checks were carried out."

But the threats were merely an experiment to test the British government's reactions to massive drinking water contamination.

The SNLA plan, I have been told, was not to poison the water, but to contaminate it with chemicals to the point where it would be unusable and undrinkable, and render the water mains unusable.

In effect, a large city could risk being permanently deprived of its water supply if attacked in this way. The economic effects are incalculable, and it is difficult to see how a society could even sustain itself without a drinking water supply.

Chapter Twenty Three
Information Warfare

Information Warfare is electronic warfare and the use of computers to sabotage other computers and computer systems, and to hack, to spread harmful rumours, to send threats and spread lies and disinformation, to carry out psychological warfare and to spread propaganda. In fact the use of computers to attack the State is practically unlimited in its scope.

Since virtually everything, including major public services and utilities, is now controlled by computers, interference with or the collapse of a computer system can have catastrophic results.

For example, a computer virus can cause other computer systems to "crash" or collapse, and, again for example, an entire city could be plunged into darkness or other essential services could be disrupted as a result.

The SNLA has never achieved any known success with a virus, but it has certainly developed a high degree of proficiency in other aspects of Information Warfare.

One of their earliest known efforts was in June 2000, and it was probably another of the SNLA's almost scientific experiments simply to test a technique. It caused some consternation and an internal security operation after the group bombarded members of the Scottish parliament with faked e-mails in the name of the late Donald Dewar, Scotland's First Minister.

After some experimentation, the SNLA was fully engaged in Information Warfare, attacking the e-mail system of the Northern Constabulary and flooding it with 12,000 e-mails. This is the classic "Denial Of Service" (DOS) attack, simple to create and virtually unstoppable, in which the "enemy" e-mail system is bombarded with thousands of often lengthy e-mails which cause it to malfunction or to break down completely when its capacity is exceeded.

On this occasion, the Northern Constabulary admitted the attacks to the "Press & Journal" newspaper, but claimed that Northern Constabulary personnel had been able to delete the SNLA e-mails in only 20 minutes and that little damage had been done.

The Northern Constabulary did not comment on the fact that the Guest Book on its website was liberally adorned with SNLA slogans. However, the Guest Book was rapidly removed from the Northern Constabulary's website.

The SNLA soon discovered the bulk e-mailing system GroupWeb WorldMailer - which has since become a commercial service by subscription only, possibly because of the pressure put on it by the authorities because of the extent to which the SNLA abused the system - which allowed them to send out more than 20,000 e-mails each hour to the same e-mail address or e-mail system.

Using this powerful system they were able to quickly deluge and often disable scores of State and State-linked communications networks at will. Their targets were legion.

The various Scottish police forces' e-mail systems were systematically attacked, Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan Police e-mail systems were reduced to a shambles - somewhat embarrassingly for him, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan police had his own e-mail address put out of use - and numerous government departments, including British embassies and consulates throughout the world, were attacked and their communications systems often disabled.

The Scottish parliament's e-mail system was an obvious target and it was attacked on numerous occasions, while the Labour party's electronic election bulletin service was brought down and totally disabled.

Private businesses and concerns were not immune from attack. The "Daily Record" e-mail system received over 300,000 unwanted e-mails over the course of one weekend, forcing the newspaper's staff to spend many boring and unproductive hours deleting them.

The British financial services sector was likewise deluged, as was the e-mail system of GMTV, a well-known London-based TV programme.

These cyber-attacks cost expensive disruption, but the most innovative attacks were yet to come.

During the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001, with the British tourist industry in crisis because F&M was causing a drastic fall in the number of tourists, the SNLA circulated a completely bogus e-mail to thousands of travel agents and tour operators worldwide.

The SNLA fake-mail, which purported to come from a British government department, advised that, in a bid to halt the spread of Foot and Mouth, the British government would shortly be introducing regulations to restrict entry to the UK to the major airports in the Greater London area, while the subsequent movements of tourists and visitors would also be restricted to the Greater London area.

The effect of the disturbing "news" contained in this bogus e-mail on the ailing British tourist industry, which was circulated to thousands of key centres in the tourist industry internationally, can hardly be calculated.

During the same period the MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture) e-mail helpline was bombarded with many thousands of unwanted SNLA e-mails, in an effort to prevent genuine enquiries about the supposed airport restrictions from reaching the Ministry.

To follow up on the success of this, the SNLA devised a second bogus "government" e-mail aimed at discouraging business and commercial visitors from entering the UK.

This second e-mail announced that intending foreign visitors to the UK would not be admitted after a certain date unless they had been vaccinated against Anthrax - and as the Anthrax scare was then sweeping the world this seemed a reasonable precaution.

The e-mail was then sent out to thousands of international organisations of all kinds. Governmental, diplomatic, commercial, trade and travel organisations throughout the world received the forged "British government" e-mail with its bogus warning.

The results were dramatic. Foreign media solemnly reported the new travel restrictions to the UK. At least one foreign State set up facilities where business people and other visitors could receive vaccinations against Anthrax, and, because of the difficulty and unpopularity of the Anthrax vaccination, the drop in business visits to the UK, with the resulting economic losses to the British economy, may have been considerable.

But the SNLA's greatest achievement in Information Warfare was in taking over the Scottish parliament's e-mail system. How this was done is an SNLA "State Secret", and it still appears to be a mystery to the authorities, but the SNLA were able to send, receive and answer e-mails using the Scottish parliament's own computer system and using the Scottish parliament's own name.

Even more embarrassing for the Scottish parliament's computer experts was the fact that many of the e-mails sent from their computer system had concerned the Royal security surrounding Prince William at St Andrews university.

One was even sent to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police advising him on aspects of Royal security. The Commissioner's staff replied, and their reply was received by the SNLA.

Finally, for propaganda purposes, the SNLA decided to reveal to the media that they had taken control of the Scottish parliament's e-mail system and used it discuss matters of Royal and therefore State security.

In order to demonstrate their control of the e-mail system, the SNLA sent out an e-mail from the Scottish parliament and which was in the name of Scotland's First Minister, Henry McLeish. It was sent out to various media outlets and had a rather obvious mocking tone. And the e-mail contained most unparliamentary language - and in particular the word "fucking".

However, true to the obsequious nature of the Scottish media, few newspapers reported the story. The "Daily Express" was again an exception, carrying this report on 17th of August 2001:

"Hacker Threat To Prince's Security

Terrorists who have threatened to kill Prince William are claiming they have accessed top-secret security information by hijacking a government e-mail address.

The Scottish National Liberation Army claims it has been using a Scottish Parliament e-mail address to correspond with New Scotland Yard on the measures to protect the Prince when he begins studying at St Andrews university, Fife, in a few weeks' time.

Last night government officials were said to be "extremely concerned" that the terrorist organisation was able to send out e-mails using one of their addresses.

The organisation, headed by Adam Busby, also issued a chilling warning statement.

It said: "For several months we have been engaging in correspondence about royal security with the police and the University authorities. We can and will strike at the University whenever we wish."

The organisation then sent us an e-mail headed with a genuine government address, with a spoof message from Scotland's First Minister Henry McLeish, which included swear words. We were able to reply to the address. It is normally used to sort electronic mail sent to the Scottish Executive's ministers.

A spokesman for the Scottish Executive said yesterday: "Our e-mail system has not been breached."

However insiders at Holyrood were very concerned that a genuine government address is being used by the extremists."

It is likely that the SNLA will continue to use Information Warfare techniques in the future, because of its revolutionary potential for producing chaos and disruption.

There is a strange but perhaps significant aftermath to this story of Information Warfare. Adam Busby and one of his friends, an Irish Republican whose home had been searched at the same time as Busby was arrested for questioning about the water poisoning plot, gave false background information and joined a division of the prestigious Group 4 security firm.

Incredibly, Busby was put in sole charge of night security in the main computer room of the Dublin HQ of Citibank, the international banking house, while his friend eventually was given sole charge of the Irish Ministry of Social Welfare's night security.

The Ministry building is directly opposite Store Street Garda (police) Station in central Dublin. This proved to be the pair's undoing when a very alert - and astonished - policeman spotted Adam Busby being given an early hours of the morning guided tour of the Ministry building by his friend.

Convinced that the pair were engaged in gathering sensitive intelligence of some kind, the police took immediate steps to ban them from future employment with Group 4.

As they had committed no known offence, no legal action could be taken against them.

Irish police are now convinced that Adam Busby and his friend were gathering information about the operation of the computer networks in government and financial centres with a view to sabotaging similar systems using Information Warfare.

In an unrelated case, Busby's Irish friend was subsequently sentenced to a five year sentence in Portlaoise Prison for possession of firearms.

Author's Note: Hotmail accounts were abused to such an extent by the SNLA for its nefarious purposes that for a time the company configured its system so that the letters "snla" could not be used to create a Hotmail username.

Chapter Twenty Four

The American Campaign

The SNLA's interest in the USA seems to have begun in the mid-1990s. Already the SSG had an official "North American Support Arm", the William Wallace Society, which had a small group of members in the USA and Canada and a website.

However, the SNLA's major interest in the USA was sparked by the fact that the American Far Right, and especially the Militia Movement, had a long-standing interest in and, seemingly, a knowledge of the Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) which the SNLA were so anxious to acquire.

To this end in the late 1990s the SNLA formed the "Scottish-American Militia" and successfully recruited a small number of Scottish or pro-Scottish activists in the USA and Canada. The Scottish-American Militia was simply the North American branch of the SNLA.

Although neither the SNLA nor the Scottish-American Militia had any ideological affinity with the American Right, the American Militia Movement has a fascination with WMD and especially with Anthrax and Ricin, and they even published "recipes" for their manufacture (including - incredibly - videos demonstrating how to manufacture Ricin) which were then sold and circulated freely in Militia circles.

Additionally, because the American media is much more free to report incidents than the UK media, the SNLA believed that its "experiments" with WMD would be more fully and factually reported in the US media, providing useful information to the SNLA on the effectiveness of their attacks. This belief proved to be correct.

The SNLA took great pains to acquire and study as much of the material on WMD as possible. The results were initially disappointing.

Alec recalls:

"The problem with the American Right is that most of them are not very sophisticated. When we carefully studied their literature - and there was a hell of a lot of it - we discovered that the claims they made for their products simply didn't stand up to scrutiny.

Take Ricin for example. It's a deadly toxin but as WMD it’s a non-starter. We manufactured it and looked at every aspect of it over a period of years, and it can’t be weaponised as WMD.

And so-called "dirty bombs" don’t work either - because when an explosion takes place there is a massive release of thermal energy which, because of convection, carries all the gases and particulate matter to a height of thousands of feet within seconds, at which point the gases and particulate matter, if they survive incineration, become atmospheric and disperse over a vast area at levels of contamination which are harmless.

In general, if something is heralded in the media as WMD, you can be sure it isn’t going to work. Genuine information about WMD is only available to those who are prepared to do their homework, and, above all, to experiment.

However, by trial and error we did learn a lot. In particular we learned that any viable threat of WMD is taken very, very seriously and causes massively expensive disruption and increases in security.

For several years pro-life demonstrators in the States had been sending hoax Anthrax letters to abortion clinics throughout the USA. The effect had been remarkable, with chaos and disruption caused to abortion clinics nationally, and the abortion clinics were forced to implement extremely expensive security measures permanently to prevent similar attacks from taking place.

When we studied the technique it all seemed amazingly simple. Very simply, wearing gloves, it was only necessary to buy various everyday items in any corner shop where you weren't known. We are only talking about a packet of envelopes, stamps and some sort of powder.

Then you'd put a few grains of powder inside the envelope with a note saying it was Anthrax, and then seal the envelope and affix the stamps with tap water to avoid leaving DNA traces, and then post it to the target.

The address labels and the notes inside the envelopes were computer print-outs which could be made up in any library, cyber-cafe or even at home, and they were completely untraceable if you put them between other sheets of paper and went over them lightly with a hot iron. This destroyed any microscopic marks left by the paper rollers and the printer, and so they were completely untraceable.

We decided to test the technique against British commercial and diplomatic targets in the States. There are hundreds of these. Britain is the biggest overseas investor in the USA and British goods are widely sold throughout the USA. There are companies in the USA which specialize in the import and distribution of British goods of all kinds.

There is a British Embassy in Washington and there are British consulates all over the place, and the British Tourist Authority has offices and there are even British-American newspapers. We decided to give them a good going over.

The campaign was two-pronged and very carefully planned. It was really an experiment on a grand scale.

Two of our members in the US traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, and sent out a batch of hoax Anthrax letters to a whole variety of British targets throughout the US. The letters contained small amounts of rodent poison. The British in the US had never been targeted before, and they were totally unprepared for what they were about to get.

From late November 2000 to early December 2000 a whole series of British institutions throughout the USA were evacuated upon receipt of the hoax Anthrax letters.

The entire premises were physically sealed off, dozens of employees who had been in contact with the letters were forced to strip and showered with jets of water before being bundled, covered by special antiseptic blankets, into ambulances and taken to hospital for injections. The rest of the employees were evacuated, hundreds of them in total, and the premises remained completely sealed until officials from the US Department of Agriculture had searched the whole building and declared it to be Anthrax-free.

Sometimes this took days to complete and many days of production were lost. In one incident in Cape Coral, which is in Lee County in Florida, a major British food importer - Cameron's British Foods - was shut down for two days and fifteen or more employees were hospitalized and injected with vaccines. (See Appendix 2).

In Chicago and New York, British offices were completely closed and hundreds of workers were evacuated while others were treated for potential exposure to Anthrax. In Chicago, it was the British-American Chamber of Commerce, which was in a large office complex on North Michigan Avenue which is a major thoroughfare in Chicago.

In this case, the closure and disruption affected that entire area of Chicago - which wasn't our intention obviously, but it certainly made an impression on us.

The attack in Chicago was also interesting because the emergency services there used advanced new technology for the first time. They used a device which examines the suspect material and quickly scans it for traces of bacteria and spores.

This means that if you are using a chemical powder which has no bacterial content, it will be quickly detected, and this can limit the effect and duration of the disruption. So, to counter this we switched to using powders which are rich in meat and vegetable extract and which contain yeast. The best substance to use is a pinch of powder from a packet of instant meat-based dried soup. It contains all the right ingredients. This simple innovation completely stymies the new technology.

The second prong of the campaign was to simultaneously threaten an even larger number of British institutions to which no letters had been sent.

This was done by using anonymous remailers – such as Riot Anonymous Remailer which is totally untraceable - to send e-mails directly to FBI offices saying that Anthrax powder or dust had been placed in the reception area of such and such a British consulate.

Another variant was to say that Anthrax had been sent in unmarked letters containing junk mail to the targets several days previously.

Both of these techniques were also completely successful. In only a few days, at minimal expense and with practically no risk to ourselves, we had succeeded in the temporary shut down of a high proportion of the British diplomatic and commercial premises in the US, and forcing the rest to employ expensive security measures to protect themselves.

By the way, when the final cost of an Anthrax hoax is added up, it usually comes to several thousand US dollars or more, so you'll see that this was no minor campaign.

Although the SNLA never claimed these attacks officially, the acronym SAM (which stands for Scottish-American Militia) had been used as a codeword on the letters, and news of the attacks began to circulate in the UK, not least because the Federal Bureau of Investigation began making enquiries in Scotland around the end of the year 2000.

The involvement of the FBI in Scottish politics must be a record of some kind.

Significantly the "Scotsman" newspaper carried the story of some of the initial attacks and so did the business section of the "Independent". True to form neither mentioned the SNLA. Nor did any section of the British media ever mention that British institutions throughout the US had lost millions of dollars as a result of the disruptions and the enforcement of stricter security, and that most of them were forced to remain in a state of high alert against repeat or similar attacks.

Instead, soon after the initial coverage, a cover story appeared to the effect that the SNLA had targeted a firm in Cape Cod because it sold HP Sauce in the US. We thought: "Er, what?". Their intention here - as usual - was to portray the whole thing as a humorous and insignificant prank, denying the SNLA any credibility. Needless to say, there is no such firm in Cape Cod or anywhere else in the US - we checked.

Incidentally, the FBI make an annual Congressional report on terrorism, and in the report for the year 2000 they listed 90 or so hoax Anthrax attacks. More than half of these were ours. The attacks in the US continued well into 2002 incidentally.

Did we experiment in the US with other techniques? No comment.

That information is classified. In retrospect, we should have issued a communiqué to the American media, where there is a much more open media, but our main interest was now in seeing whether the hoax Anthrax technique would work in the UK."

The SNLA was soon to test the technique against the highest profile targets in the UK - the Royal Family. And the results were dramatic.

Author's Note:

Despite the above statement by Alec refusing to confirm that the SNLA tested other WMD techniques in the USA, there exists strong evidence that the SNLA used a cover name - a flag of convenience - a tried and tested method of covering up the group's activities when it wishes to remain anonymous - and threatened to use a toxic aerosol made from Caustic Soda in the USA in order to observe the authorities' reaction to the threat.

This, at least, is the belief according to sources within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office also believe that the SNLA targeted its premises in Canada, leading to a vast city-wide disruption in Canada. The SNLA refuses to confirm or deny these allegations possibly because they did not wish to cause such widespread chaos to non-British targets.

It is also interesting that the Canadian disruptions were caused by receipt of a suspect material which contained traces of an unknown bacteria which could not be immediately identified - and this was after the SNLA switched to using substances which contained bacteria after learning of the developments by Alexeter Technologies.

The incidents took place in Ottawa and Toronto in late January and early February, 2001, and involved a coloured powder which contained a "bacterial agent".

Chapter Twenty Five

The St Andrews Campaign

The SNLA and the SSG, as Scottish Republicans, had long opposed the presence of British Royalty in Scotland and as early as 1983 had disrupted the first official visit of Princess Diana to Glasgow. (See a full account of this in the previous chapter: "Letter Bomb Mayhem".)

More recently the SSG, in the year 2000, in conjunction with a dissident Irish Republican group with a website based in the USA, had threatened to disrupt a planned walkabout by the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, in Inverness. As a result all police leave in the area was cancelled, and specialist military units and a hundred extra police officers from neighbouring forces were drafted into the town on the day of the Royal visit.

Despite these elaborate precautions, a small number of SSG members did manage to hold a token demonstration in the town by taking over a window space at the Ho-Ho Hostel in Inverness during the Queen's walkabout (a photograph of the demo appeared in the following day's "Scotsman"), and the SNLA were responsible for a number of bomb alerts which caused some disruption in the area that day including one at the airport.

However, the SSG's point - that the Queen required a small army of police and troops to protect her in order to visit a Scottish town - seemed to be well made.

There was an immediate response from the SSG when it was officially announced later in the year 2000 that Prince William would study Art History for four years at St Andrews university in Fife in Eastern Scotland. His studies were due to begin in 2001.

In 2000 the SSG began a determined campaign to prevent the Prince's attendance at St Andrews university. Assisted by the Russian Maoist Party and US-based Irish Republican dissidents, campaigners were urged to persistently e-mail and to telephone the university in protest.

The campaign was initially peaceful and legal, but there was a hint of what was in store when a bomb alert caused the evacuation of the Admissions Office at the university early in the campaign in the year 2000.

The security problems for the British authorities at St Andrews were daunting. St Andrews university is located in the normally quiet seaside town of St Andrews. The town is small but because of the town's internationally famous golf courses, and its picturesque and historic location, it attracts many thousands of tourists and visitors each year. Screening visitors was to prove virtually impossible.

To make matters worse for the authorities, the ancient university's buildings and facilities are spread widely throughout the town, there is no central campus as such, and there is no possibility of establishing a security perimeter.

If the security surrounding Prince William was stepped up to the highest levels, then the whole of the university town would be perceived as a town under siege, and this was definitely not the image that the British authorities wished to project.

Additionally, the SSG and SNLA had a knack for obtaining confidential and extremely detailed information about security at the university some of which was published on the Internet, especially on "Ireland's OWN", an American-based website which supports the Real IRA. All this was much to the embarrassment of the British authorities and the police and security services.

In August, 2001, the "Express" reported that Prince William had been targeted by the Real IRA, the terrorists responsible for the Omagh bomb, which killed 29 men, women and children in the worst atrocity of the Irish Troubles. According to the newspaper, the Irish Republican group linked up with the SNLA during visits to Scotland and obtained a detailed lay-out of the university, alarming terrorism experts and forcing a re-think on security during the Prince's stay.

In fact, the newspaper was correct. All the information about Prince William was given to the Real IRA by the SNLA which obtained it from sympathizers in St Andrews.

There were even suspicions by official sources that some of the university students were supplying information to the SNLA. David Capitanchik, an academic who studies terrorism, has alleged this publicly in the "Daily Star".

In August 2001, shortly before Prince William began his studies at St Andrews university, the SNLA claimed in a communiqué sent to the media that it had used the Anthrax hoax technique against the university, and that a hoax Anthrax letter had been sent to the university from a location in England only a few days before.

This was vehemently denied by the university's Press Officer but, despite this denial, the SNLA's unconfirmed claims were (unusually but, in my opinion, quite rightly) given prominent coverage in the "Express" of August 8, 2001:

"Scottish terrorists have threatened to kill Prince William after claiming they sent a fake anthrax bomb to St Andrews University.

The Scottish National Liberation Army said they posted a "bacterial agent" to the university's admissions office just weeks before the 18-year-old future King starts his Art History course.

They stated that there was a major security alert when one of the administration staff opened the parcel and found a typewritten note declaring: "This is Anthrax."

Last night, the university and Fife police - briefed by Security Service MI5 to withhold any information regarding the Prince - denied any knowledge of the package.

However, the Express was sent anonymous information giving full details."

This coverage angered the university authorities who publicly announced that they were taking steps to report the newspaper to the Press Complaints Commission.

Shortly after this, in late August 2001, the SNLA struck at the university again. On this occasion the recipient of the hoax Anthrax letter was Ms Claire Grainger - one of the university Press Officers who had so vehemently denied the SNLA's original claim!

According to a report by Jane Kerr in the "Mirror" of 21st August 2001, the university Press Officer Claire Grainger, along with eleven other people who came into contact with the letter, had to be stripped, sprayed in a portable shower, and then taken by ambulance to hospital for precautionary treatment and isolation.

This was after a letter with an English postmark (see Note 1.) was found to contain a suspect powder, and a note to the effect that the powder contained the biological agent Anthrax.

The "Daily Express" was vindicated by the latest incident because it had covered the earlier incident, as it pointed out:

"Terrorist "Bug Bomb" At Prince's University

By Myra Philp

The university's principal Dr Brian Lang went as far as accusing the Scottish Daily Express of being "irresponsible" for reporting the (earlier) claims. Dr Lang also complained to the Press Complaints Commission about our front page story."

A similar hoax Anthrax letter had been sent to the DEFRA HQ in London (DEFRA is the re-named Ministry of Agriculture or MAFF), as well as one sent to a luxury hotel in London. The one sent to the Ministry in London had been well-publicised - it caused massive disruption and the evacuation of hundreds of workers at a critical point in the Ministry's handling of the Foot and Mouth outbreak - and the university would simply not have been believed had they attempted to deny that they had received a hoax Anthrax letter on this occasion.

EpxNews, the electronic news service, in its report of the DEFRA incident, even revealed that a total of four devices had been sent "in recent weeks" and that one of them had previously been sent to St Andrews university - which the university had so strenuously denied:

"Published: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 00:00:00 UTC Author: Chris Smith

DEFRA Staff Isolated After Toxic Incident

A group of civil servants have been put in isolation after a suspect package claiming to contain the killer anthrax virus was discovered at DEFRA's Westminster offices.

The Millbank offices of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs were evacuated at 10.30am on Monday when staff in the mailroom discovered the package which had a note claiming it contained anthrax.

Members of the police's bomb disposal unit, trained to deal with chemical devices, were called to the scene and the package was quickly removed for forensic scientists to analyse who later declared it harmless.

Streets around the building were sealed for four hours while fire crews carried out a "damping down" procedure used for chemical spills.

A group of 13 staff who had come into contact with the package were kept in isolation as a precautionary measure until the substance contained in the package had been established.

No-one had suffered injuries from the incident and no group has claimed responsibility.

Police later revealed it was the latest of four packages that have been sent to different locations in recent weeks including St Andrews University in Scotland.

A group calling itself the Scottish National Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the St Andrews parcel.

A Scotland Yard spokesman revealed that although no direct warning had been given an e-mail had been sent to the Daily Express in August warning that a series of parcels would be sent to various addresses.

The incident was being investigated by the anti-terrorism branch."

The second hoax letter sent to the university had also caused massive disruption in St Andrews. The main administrative buildings had to be evacuated, and there was a huge police, emergency services and military operation to deal with the perceived threat.

For the first time, bio-chemical warfare suits (so-called "Noddy suits") were seen on TV alongside the academic robes of the famous university, while traffic in the town was disrupted as firemen "damped down" the whole area.

The suspect letter and its contents had to be sent in a special container to the British government's biological research station at Porton Down in Wiltshire for analysis.

These incidents were the first admitted use of the hoax Anthrax technique in the UK, preceding the post-September 11th spate of these incidents by months.

However, if St Andrews university thought that its troubles were over, then it couldn't have been more wrong.

There were a spate of bomb alerts in and around the university and town of St Andrews, a number of threats and also false alarms - in one of which nervous marine biologists on the university staff sparked another major alert. They reported as "Anthrax" a perfectly innocent substance sent to them by post for analysis.

And various e-mail floods regularly disrupted the university's e-mail system.

In addition the Russian Maoist Party, an ally of the SSG and the SNLA, delivered a protest letter to the British Embassy in London as an SSG Press Release pointed out:

"Scottish Separatist Group

Press Release

14th September 2001

In a display of international solidarity, representatives of the Russian Maoist Party have delivered a letter of protest to the British Embassy in Moscow.

The RMP’s letter of 11th September 2001 was in protest against the proposed presence of the English "Prince" William at St Andrews University in Scotland.

The letter pointed out that the proposal to have the "Prince" educated in Scotland was merely a cynical political ploy to make the English "royal" family, the symbolic heads of the British State, more popular in Scotland.

The RMP was later assured by an Embassy spokesperson that their letter had been brought to the personal attention of the British Ambassador.

This was an excellent example of international solidarity, and we congratulate the RMP on their initiative.

The political ploy of bringing the "Prince" to Scotland will backfire on the British State, as the SSG has never failed to point out.

The creation of a Scottish Republic, the crucial first step towards the national and social emancipation of the Scottish people, is inevitable, and will not be delayed by the presence of this individual in Scotland.

Scottish Separatist Group

Comunn Dealachadh na h-Alba"

See "William Go Home", on the link below to the Russian Maoist Party Website (English version), for the full text of the protest letter delivered to the British Embassy in Moscow:

In mid-October 2001, by which time Prince William had been installed as an Art History student at St Andrews university for several weeks, the whole of Fife was disrupted by a wave of hoax Anthrax letters which threw the region into chaos, and was to lead to a reported 21 people being isolated by Emergency Services and treated in hospital for suspected Anthrax exposure.

Early on the morning of Tuesday, 16th October 2001, Fife Constabulary were called out to investigate a bomb alert at Dalgety Bay, a huge area to search and one which is far from the scene of the impending attacks. But this bomb alert was purely a diversion designed to draw large numbers of the police, including specialist officers, away from the scene of the impending hoax Anthrax attacks.

The morning's mail delivery brought chaos to Fife. Six letters, each of which had a Glasgow postmark, were delivered to various addresses in Fife.

These addresses were the HQ of Fife Constabulary, Fife House (the local authority's administrative HQ), the Art History department of St Andrews University (Prince William was studying Art History at the university), two hotels in St Andrews (one of them only a matter of yards away from the Prince's classroom), and the sixth letter was sent to an official of one of St Andrews' famous golf courses.

When opened, each letter contained the, by now, familiar pinch of powder, and the note warning that the powder contained traces of Anthrax. To describe the results as chaotic would be an understatement.

Each premises (including police HQ which was supposed to be coordinating the emergency response) had to be completely evacuated, and reports stated that 21 staff members in the various locations who had been in contact with the suspect letters had to be isolated, and then underwent decontamination and hospitalization.

To make matters worse for the authorities, St Andrews was filled with golfers and golfing fans, media people, and top celebrities such as Michael Douglas and Hugh Grant who had come to watch a golfing tournament.

Practically the whole of Fife was affected in one way or another by these coordinated attacks which disabled the command and control centres of the police and the local authority.

The BBC News of Wednesday, 17 October, 2001, reported:

"Letter Threats Were 'Cruel Hoax'

Police have confirmed that a suspect package sent to St Andrews University was a "cruel hoax". The parcel was one of six sent to locations in Fife, including the area's police headquarters in Glenrothes.

White powder was found in A5-sized packages which also contained letters warning of the anthrax bacterium. Tests have now been completed on two of the six parcels which were received on Tuesday.

Fife Constabulary said that the packets delivered to St Andrews University and the police headquarters had both proven negative for anthrax.

"Further tests will be carried out on these substances to establish their make-up but we are now convinced that these incidents were part of an elaborate but cruel hoax," said Assistant Chief Constable David Mellor.

He said it was expected that tests on the other four parcels would also prove to be negative.

"It is now a question of business as usual with restrictions being lifted at all the venues involved," he said. "But clearly everyone should remain firmly on their guard, reporting immediately any suspicions they might have on receipt of any unusual packages via the mail or other means. "Proper caution is always recommended and vigilance, the most important precaution which can ever be deployed to deal with this type of situation, is vitally important."

A total of 21 people underwent a course of antibiotics following the incidents.

Detectives believe packages found at St Andrews University were part of an ongoing campaign by Scottish republican extremists angered by Prince William studying at the Fife campus.

No connection has been made between the Scottish packages and those found elsewhere in the UK, or anthrax discoveries in the US following the attacks on Afghanistan."

By this time the September 11th attacks had taken place in the USA, to be followed by a worldwide blitz of hoax Anthrax letters as well as some containing genuine Anthrax. There had been a truly worldwide scare, and the SNLA decided to make the best of it while the going was good.

"Anthrax and hoax Anthrax letters were causing panic in every country in the world. We decided to take advantage of the situation and our orders were to send out as many letters as quickly as possible. We concentrated on the financial services sector because that was where we could do the most economic damage, but almost any target was considered legitimate.

We closed down the Bank of England twice because we hit the museum inside the bank on a second occasion, and we also hit the London Stock Exchange, the Baltic Exchange and various merchant banks and big financial houses, most of them in the City of London. They were all forced into lengthy evacuations, and this must have caused disruption to the cost of millions. Remember that the financial services sector provides over 20% of the UK's income."

Alec continues:

"I estimate that we sent out 150 to 200 hoax Anthrax letters during the period when the Anthrax panic was sweeping the world. We sent out so many that we lost count."

Among the suspected targets were the Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell and two of his political colleagues, MP Frank Roy and Local Government Minister Frank McAveety.

However, St Andrews university was not neglected during this period.

The SNLA had experimented with Ricin - a toxin derived from castor beans which are used in the manufacture of castor oil - which they considered to be virtually useless as an effective WMD because of the difficulties involved in dispersing it widely – but decided to employ the threat of it in an attempt to disrupt the university once again.

It was known to the SNLA that the chiefs of the Security Unit at the university had already decided not to publicly respond to any more Anthrax threats. But, the SNLA reasoned, what if the next threat came from Ricin, which anyone can manufacture with easy-to-obtain materials and minimum effort?

Shortly before the students broke off for their Christmas 2001 holidays, a number of letters were sent out to various addresses, including the home address of Prince William's Art History tutor.

A Christmas card was sent to Prince William himself at his address in St Salvators, one of the university's halls of residence.

The letters and the Christmas card each contained a tiny quantity of white powder and a note to the effect that the powder was Ricin.

It wasn't Ricin, but it closely resembled Ricin which is a whitish flour-like substance.

Whatever the disruptive effect of the letters and Christmas card, if any, the propaganda effect was very little. The university and Fife Constabulary have refused, and still refuse, to discuss or to comment on details of the matter - although unofficial sources which confirmed the incident allowed me to write a small article which appeared in the "News Of The World" on Sunday the 16th of December, 2001.

Significantly, and illustrative of the SNLA's pioneering interest in WMD, this was one of the earliest known uses of Ricin or what purported to be Ricin in the UK.

The SNLA changed targets in early 2002 when, in response to the Queen Mother's funeral, hoax Anthrax letters were claimed to have been sent to the Visitor Centre at Holyrood Palace – where books of condolence had been opened - and to the Minister of St Giles' cathedral in Edinburgh. The Minister, the very Reverend Gilleasbuig McMillan, is Chaplain-in-ordinary to the Queen.

An SNLA communiqué, quoted in the "Sunday Express" of April 14th , 2002, said it had been done to "protest against the nauseating funeral "celebrations" for the so-called "Queen Mother"".

The SNLA also claimed that another hoax Anthrax letter had been sent to the New York offices of the Scottish-American Foundation which had helped organised the Tartan Day celebrations in the USA.

Tartan Day is the 6th of April and coincides with the date of the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath marking Scottish Independence in the 14th century.

The SNLA saw the Tartan Day celebrations as having nothing to do with genuine Scottish culture, but everything to do with boosting the British economy by crass commercialism and exploitation of a Tartan version of Scotland's image.

As a result of the SNLA activities aimed at the Scottish-American Foundation, security had also been stepped up at the Scottish offices of VisitScotland, which worked with the Scottish-American Foundation to help organise the Tartan Day celebrations.

VisitScotland spokesman Euan Page said he was horrified by the turn of events and that security had already been stepped up in their offices.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Action Group was investigating the incident in the USA, and was making enquiries in Scotland. And a special unit of British police specialists was operating in Scotland to try and track the SNLA's e-mails to their source. They were unsuccessful.

Around the same time, the SNLA said it had sent three more hoax Anthrax letters to the embassies of Japan and South Korea in London - which were co-hosting the soccer World Cup in which England was a competitor - and to the HQ of the English Football Association.

And threats were issued against the English players, team officials, and their families.

This was part of a campaign to sabotage the English team's chances in the World Cup.

Clearly, the SNLA were still active on many fronts.

The final action of the St Andrews campaign came in 2005 when members of the Royal Family traveled over the Forth bridge to attend Prince William’s graduation from St Andrews. The SNLA created a security alert on the bridge with a bomb warning. See "Daily Express", Scottish edition, August the 1st, 2005.

Whether the Prince actually completed his studies at St Andrews is unclear. His presence in St Andrews and attendance at the university is said to have been "highly irregular".

Author's Notes:

Note 1: This hoax Anthrax letter had an English postmark, but Paul Smith was later to plead guilty to preparing it and posting it from the Glasgow area.

In fact, Smith’s guilty plea was false. He had nothing to do with this incident and at least one other to which he pled guilty. He agreed to plead guilty to all the publicised SNLA attacks in return for a lighter sentence.

And no official explanation exists for the deafening silence about 14 other incidents involving Caustic Soda being sent. There was no mention of these at Smith’s trial.

Note 2: Comunn Dealachadh na h-Alba is the SSG's name in Scottish Gaelic.

Note 3: In researching the links between the SNLA and the Real IRA, a source within the FBI drew my attention to the fact that at least one person has been arrested in the USA for participation in the SNLA campaign against Prince William's presence at St Andrew's university.

The "Telegraph" of 23rd August, 2002, reported the story:

"Woman Held For William Poison Plot

By David Rennie in Washington

A woman accused of plotting to poison Prince William, by sending him a bottle of Coca-Cola laced with cyanide, has been held without bail in America.

Police searching Tashala Hayman's caravan in Montana discovered a batch of poisoned soft drinks, which she was allegedly preparing to post to the Prince at an address in Scotland, thought to be St Andrews, where he is at university…

The alleged plot involved considerable effort and planning, but it is not clear why Hayman would imagine the Prince would consume drinks sent by a complete stranger in America.

A court in Great Falls, Montana, ruled on Wednesday that Hayman should be held in custody because there was a risk that she would abscond.

Hayman, who denies all charges, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said it never commented on security matters concerning the Royal Family. A spokesman for St James's Palace also declined to comment."

Ms Hayman was and is an enthusiastic supporter of Irish and Scottish Republicanism and is known to be a supporter of Ireland's OWN - the website run from the USA by and for dissident Republicans.

When that is taken into account, her alleged actions can be seen as purely political actions

Incitements to campaign against Prince William's presence at St Andrews were regularly carried by Ireland's OWN.

But why was the parcel to the Prince not posted?

The reason, according to the FBI, is that he was not due to return to St Andrew's university until September, and the package was made ready but was not intended to be posted until the following month.

The plot, which was carefully planned and executed, seems to have been based on the SNLA's use of Caustic Soda in aromatherapy bottles. Again, this view is shared by the FBI.

Whether the SNLA were actively involved in the plot, or whether they simply played an inspirational role, is unclear, although some media reports hint at a connection.

Ms Hayman was dismissed as a "lone wolf" - but the evidence available to me suggests that it was not quite as simple as that. The FBI appears to believe that she was acting directly in support of the SNLA and the Irish dissidents, but on their inspiration and not directly under their orders, and this seems to be the most likely explanation.

Chapter Twenty Six

Chemical Weapons Experiment

On the afternoon of Friday the 1st of March 2002 an SNLA communiqué was received at my Glasgow office. It was to the effect that several days previously, in late February 2002, the organisation had sent 16 disguised chemical weapons by post to 16 target individuals.

The communiqué said that 16 small bottles which appeared to contain samples of aromatherapy oils had been sent by post to the homes of 16 people, all of whom were connected to the main British political parties.

But, instead of harmless oils, the bottles all contained a solution of Caustic Soda.

This substance, which is also known as Sodium Hydroxide or Lye, is a lethal corrosive which, in liquid form, is corrosive to all organic matter including human flesh. As well as causing serious skin and tissue burns and blindness, it is lethal if swallowed or if its vapours are inhaled.

The names of only two of the recipients were divulged. They were Ms Margaret Ashcroft, an Englishwoman living in Scotland who is an unpaid Liberal Democrat party worker closely linked to Mike Rumbles MSP, an English-born Member of the Scottish Parliament, and Mrs Cherie Blair the wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Ms Ashcroft was immediately contacted by telephone and warned not to use the "oil". Fortunately she had not used the so-called oil, although she had received it days earlier. She was completely unsuspicious of the well-presented and innocent-looking "sample", and had planned to use it at the weekend, she said.

Only her delay had saved Ms Ashcroft from the certainty of severe injury, blindness or even death. Downing Street was then contacted by the newspaper and warned about the dangerous substance which had been sent to Mrs Cherie Blair.

At first, when I spoke to Downing Street, the Downing Street spokesperson was completely unaware of any such incident, but shortly afterwards they discovered an aromatherapy bottle laced with Caustic Soda in a package addressed to Mrs Blair.

An immediate official warning to be on the lookout for similar bottles was issued to everyone in any way connected to the main British political parties, and photographs and details of the bottles, the envelopes, and the leaflets which were sent with the bottles were widely circulated in the media.

They had to circulate as much detail as possible as this was now an urgent effort to prevent a number of unknown people from falling victim to the Caustic Soda.

A source in the Anti-Terrorist squad said: "There is a degree of determination and professionalism behind this incident. And clearly it is a serious attempt to do harm to the Prime Minister and other political leaders".

The UK-wide Red Alert created a sensational news story which dominated the British media that night and for several following days. On the 3rd of March "Scotland On Sunday" headlines reported that panic was still spreading:

"Panic spreads as toxic terror hits Scotland ".

In fact, as the packages were reported to have been posted on the previous Sunday, the 24th of February, it was clear that most, if not all, of them must have been delivered days before.

The story of the chemical warfare agent aimed at British political parties was sensational, and it was featured throughout the world. But, even so, there were deliberate attempts in the UK to play down the seriousness of the situation.

The fact that exposure to Caustic Soda can be lethal was rarely mentioned in the British media, although at least some of the foreign media were quick to point this out - Islam Online News calling it "fatal", for example.

There was a major UK-wide security alert as everyone in any way connected to the major British political parties was urged to examine their mail, and advised how to protect themselves by removing contaminated clothing and using running water to treat their wounds if they were affected.

There was massive disruption as all parliamentary, constituency offices and government buildings throughout the country were told to be on the lookout for the sinister packages.

A senior security source said: "Staff will return to work on Monday after the weekend break and will be warned that they must be particularly vigilant when handling packages. We know it is going to disrupt Government offices all over the country but better some inconvenience than someone is blinded or loses a limb."

The BBC reported on 2nd March 2002:

"Police Widen Danger Package Hunt

Police investigating packages containing a caustic substance sent to Cherie Blair and a Scottish MP's aide say two more suspect parcels have been traced. Officers say it is too early to tell if the latest cases are linked to the original packages which contained the highly corrosive liquid caustic soda, disguised as aromatherapy oil.

The Metropolitan Police were alerted after an anonymous telephone call was made to a journalist on the News of the World newspaper on Friday. The caller claimed to be from the Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA), whose members have been dubbed the "tartan terrorists".

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Rumbles, whose assistant was sent a package, believes he may have been targeted because he was born and educated in the north east of England. He was tipped off about the danger and managed to warn his helper, who is also English, before she opened the package on Friday.

The caller said 16 packages had been sent and police are trying to track down up to 14 which have not been recovered.

'Criminal Act'

Scotland Yard said on Saturday police were investigating reports of two more suspicious packages which may already have been destroyed. The packages are in the form of a jiffy bag with a Glasgow post mark and a white address label.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Alan Fry, head of the Anti-Terrorist Branch, said directions for use contained in the recovered packages were "cynically dangerous", given the potential medical threat.

"Public safety is a prime issue and as such we had no hesitation in issuing a warning around these packages," he said.

"This is a criminal act intended to cause harm.

"We repeat our advice that anyone who receives a package should contact police on 999.""

Much of the media coverage, predictably but without any evidence whatever, publicly identified Adam Busby as the sender, as the "prime suspect", although how a person under constant police surveillance in Ireland could have sent toxic packages from Glasgow was rarely addressed by the media. See Gerard Seenan's article: "SNLA man suspected over toxic packages", in the "Guardian" of Monday March 4th, 2002, for a good example of this and some fairly imaginative reporting.

The Sunday Mail of 3rd March, 2002, seemed to believe that Adam Busby was personally responsible for sending the packages:

"At least one of the packages had been posted in Glasgow on Monday. Police are investigating whether Busby may have traveled to and from Ireland, using yesterday's rugby international as cover.

After the contaminated parcels were found, officers in Dublin were immediately dispatched on a covert operation to trace Busby's movements."

What very few in the media noticed was that the SNLA's telephone call to the "News Of The World" offices was made on the 1st of March, 2002 - a very significant date - as it was the 20th anniversary of the official opening of the SNLA's campaign on the 1st of March, 1982.

However, the SNLA had a lot more on its mind than its 20th birthday celebrations.

The caller made it perfectly clear that the Caustic Soda incidents were a mere experiment.

The SNLA, he said, had developed Weapons Of Mass Destruction which it intended to use to free Scotland.

The exact wording of the SNLA communiqué was reproduced in the "News Of The World" on Sunday the 3rd of March 2002:

"An attempt has been made to murder Cherie Blair and 15 others.

On Sunday 24th February 2002, a total of 16 postal packages were sent from different locations in the Glasgow area.

Each package purported to contain a complimentary sample of an aromatherapy skin lotion.

Each package contained a professionally-produced leaflet proclaiming the virtues of the new product, and a 10ml bottle of the "product".

In fact, the bottle contained 10ml of a Sodium Hydroxide solution blended with aromatic oil. This solution is toxic and immediately corrosive on contact with skin, eyes, and body tissue of any kind.

It is lethal by inhalation, and each bottle contained enough to ensure death by the shock effect of chemical burns.

The 16 targets were a range of figures within the Labour, Conservative and Liberal-Democratic parties, and other selected targets. All received the packages at their home addresses.

Mrs Blair's was sent directly to No 10 Downing Street. The other targets were distributed throughout Scotland and England. An example is Margaret Ashcroft, a Lib-Dem hack associated with the MSP Mike Rumbles.

Should the State attempt to deny that these attacks took place, as we expect they will, we will simply repeat the attacks using a totally different method of dispersal.

We have the technology to make and use Weapons of Mass Destruction and we will use these as and when we see fit."

An absurd claim in regard to WMD? The very few journalists who reported on this aspect of the story treated it as bombastic nonsense.

In fact, Caustic Soda forms a lethal aerosol which kills by inhalation and corrodes all human tissue on contact, and the SNLA has developed a very simple, cheap and very effective means of creating and dispersing as a WMD a liquid aerosol which contains Caustic Soda.

There are suspicions that the Finns employed it as an improvised chemical weapon against the Russians in 1939 - 1940, and in Finland Caustic Soda is considered to be so dangerous that sales are banned to the general public. (Despite this ban, anyone can manufacture it at home from salt and water and a car battery, using a simple process of electrolysis.)

More recently Caustic Soda has been used as a weapon in Cambodia and in Bosnia. The recent advent of inorganic plastics has meant that materials such as polypropylene can now be used for the long- and medium-term storage of liquid solutions of Caustic Soda, thus enabling its use in the form of a standard weapon.

In particular, it is easy to adapt Caustic Soda for use as a lethal aerosol - a fact which the SNLA had been the first terrorist group to realise. In this form it is as dangerous as Mustard Gas, and easy, simple and cheap to make, and to disperse as a WMD.

There is evidence that, using a cover name, the SNLA had already threatened to use just such an aerosol in the USA, in particular in Washington and in New York. This was done in mid-2001, and it was done purely in order to test the US authorities' reactions to the threat - which were considerable - and which were duly noted by the SNLA's observers in the USA.

The method of manufacture and dispersal of the Caustic Soda aerosol was described to me in detail by Alec:

"It is very simple. Remember that an aerosol is only solid or liquid particles suspended in gas. The gas in this case is ordinary air – which is a mixture of gases including the Oxygen we breathe.

You can buy Caustic Soda in most chemists for a couple of quid.

It is in the form of tiny bone-dry solid particles called prills. It must be kept away from air and moisture during storage, because it begins to absorb moisture from the air immediately on exposure to air.

To make the aerosol, you buy three plastic bottles of dry CS which is about £2.50 for a bottle containing 500g of CS. So you have three bottles of CS which together weigh one and a half kilograms.

Then you mix a liquid solution of CS and cold water.

But you are not in laboratory conditions, and don't have a constant temperature, sophisticated graphs or measuring equipment. So you mix it approximately to obtain good results.

This means that, very slowly, you mix the one and a half kilos of dry CS into a clear plastic (not metal) beaker or basin which contains 5 litres of cold tap water. And it's cold water, not hot water.

You must obey the safety rules which are written on the side of the bottle. Wear a simple paper or cloth respirator or mask over your nose and mouth, plastic goggles or glasses, and gloves.

Use a wooden spoon or plastic spoon - not metal - to slowly add CS to cold water, never add water to CS, and slowly stir it in. Obey the simple safety rules and you'll never have any problems. It's safe and easy.

Continue to stir the CS in slowly. The solution will begin to warm up slightly. This is called the exothermic reaction. The heat will soon disappear.

When the CS is mixed in thoroughly, let the solution sit undisturbed for a few minutes. After this time you should have a clear nearly colourless liquid which has a very, very slight blue tinge.

Then you pour the pure CS solution into a strong, very thick plastic - not metal - container and seal it very tightly.

The next step is to obtain a plastic pneumatic garden spray.

You'll find a wide variety in any garden centre. These are plastic containers which you pressurize yourself by pumping air unto them.

The best type is the Hozelock Polyspray 2. It is only about 15 inches high, and holds 1.25 litres of CS solution.

You take it to the target area and pour the CS solution into the spray. The base for the attack should be high in a building about 30 feet or more above a crowded target area. The higher the better. Best conditions are a warm, dry day or a dry night with a stiff wind or breeze.

Then you pump air into the spray so that it is pressurized. Then you position the spray or sprays. You simply push a slide on top of the spray and then you walk away.

When the slide is pushed forward the spray is on automatic and it will discharge a litre of the CS solution in about two minutes.

The CS solution is sprayed high over the target area in a steady stream. The air pressure causes the stream of CS to break up, and the CS stream disintegrates into millions of tiny particles. The larger particles precipitate-by-gravity. In other words they fall to the ground, but the smaller particles remain airborne and form a barely visible light mist which the breeze disperses widely.

A lot of people will get sprayed by large particles of CS solution and this stuff is a corrosive. It doesn't burn holes through things like a naked flame. It corrodes the skin, the underlying tissue, the eyes and anything else it contacts. It eventually exhausts its corrosive power, leaving a permanent bluish-green mark on the skin. It is really dangerous.

The smaller particles will reduce in size until they are microscopic, and are small enough to be inhaled, and lodge in the lung. When this happens the lung damage is long-term and often irreversible. The CS particles in the air will eventually convert to Sodium Carbonate when they come in contact with Carbon Dioxide in the air, but Sodium Carbonate is also nasty stuff if inhaled.

Another thing about CS, and Sodium Carbonate for that matter, is that they have a time-delay effect of about three minutes. In other words, when someone first comes into skin contact with CS they feel nothing for about three minutes.

By the time they begin to feel something - mild irritation at first, very acute and unbearable pain later - it is too late to treat the injury. So an attacker with an automatic spray can launch an attack on a rush-hour crowd, and be far away before the attack was even noticed."

In March 2002 the story of the Caustic Soda experiment continued when, shortly after the packages were sent, a large number of members of the Scottish parliament received anonymous e-mails from the SNLA in which they and their families were threatened with attacks by Caustic Soda.

This sparked fresh headlines and a major and costly security operation to protect the MSPs and their families at all times, and in all locations.

According to another report about these threats in mid-March, 2002, the police had warned all MSPs to be on alert over the new wave of threats.

True to the SNLA's previous form, of meticulously testing the State's reactions to new weapons, in early 2003 they tested the British government's response to the Caustic Soda aerosol by threatening to use it in the UK immediately prior to, and in response to, the Iraq war.

The British government had to mount a security operation throughout the UK in response to the threat - which the government acknowledged receiving but refused to discuss in detail on the grounds that the threat was not "specific".

Again the SNLA had used a cover name for this operation - this time the name of an Anarchist group which is also believed to have an interest in WMD.

The question seems not if, but when and where, the SNLA will use the Caustic Soda aerosol they have perfected.

Author's Notes:

Note1: It has been widely claimed that the package sent to Cherie Blair at No.10 Downing Street was intercepted at an off-site screening centre before it reached Downing Street, and a general alert was then issued. This is not true.

The package was sent from Glasgow on Sunday 24th February, 2002, and it was postmarked at the Glasgow Mail Centre on the 25th. It was then screened at the off-site screening centre which handles Downing Street's mail - and it was not intercepted.

It was then sent into No. 10 Downing Street and was date stamped as being received there on Wednesday the 27th of February, 2002, a fact noted in some media reports. (The Downing Street date stamp is clearly visible in photographs of the envelope which appeared in the media at the time.)

The "Evening News" of Saturday the 2nd of March, 2002, reported:

"It clearly bore a Glasgow mail centre post mark dated February 25 and was marked with a stamp for the Prime Minister's mail reception centre, dated February 27."

And, when contacted by my newspaper on the afternoon of Friday the 1st of March, 2002, Downing Street officials knew absolutely nothing of the package. Only later on the same day did the authorities issue a general alert, and acknowledge that a package had been discovered at No.10 Downing Street (and not in the off-site screening centre as later claimed).

Even some of the other Scottish media reported that the package had not been detected, and that it had been delivered to No. 10 Downing Street. For example, the "Sunday Mail" of March the 3rd, 2002, reported:

"The latest victim was Margaret Ashcroft, a Lib Dem treasurer who works for English-born MSP Mike Rumbles. She opened a parcel delivered to her house on Friday - an identical one arrived at 10 Downing Street addressed to Cherie Blair on Wednesday."

And the SNLA have since totally denied that any of their members ever telephoned Scotland Yard to warn them of the packages (as the official sources would later - somewhat improbably - claim). All telephone calls to Scotland Yard are recorded and can be traced rapidly - facts which are well known to the SNLA, and which would deter them from making such a call.

The police alert was first issued on the evening of 1st March, 2002, by which time Cherie Blair had left for Australia. She was, however, present in Downing Street on the day that the package was received there.

Another point, ignored by most of the media, is that Cherie Blair has a known interest in aromatherapy and health products, which testifies to the extremely detailed research which went into the operation.

Note 2: What became of the other 14 packages containing Caustic Soda? The identity of at least one other recipient is known to me.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Improvised Explosives

Alec gives a description of an improvised explosive device which has been used by the SNLA and which is still in their arsenal:

"Most people think that commercial explosives are the top of the range. So did we until we got some experience with them. The first problem is getting them. You have to steal them or buy them from criminals or smugglers. This is very risky.

Then you have to transport them and store them. This isn't easy because they leave very distinctive forensic traces everywhere: in your car, on your clothes and even on your skin. Storing them isn't easy either, because commercial explosives are designed to be used shortly after manufacture, and so they have a very short shelf-life.

After a while they become unstable if they're not stored properly, and then they're really dangerous to the user. And even in good condition they're not easy to work with. They give off fumes which can give you hellish headaches for a start, and the detonators are often unreliable and don't work.

The detonators are mass manufactured too, by the way, and are meant to be used fairly soon after manufacture, not kept in storage for lengthy periods which causes them to degrade.

There are also dangers in combining electric batteries with detonators and explosives. Contrary to popular belief the electricity in a battery is dynamic. It can cross or bridge gaps in an electrical circuit and cause premature explosions - which is why explosives experts always use detonation boxes and never batteries.

The best and safest thing is to use mechanical means to cause the detonators to work. If electric batteries have to be used then it is safest to build in a double trigger. This means that there are two breaks in the electrical circuit, not just one, and both have to be closed before the device will explode. This absolutely guarantees safety.

But, best of all is to make up your own explosive devices. Be self-sufficient and innovative. Tear up the so-called rule book.

The easiest way is to use cylinders of Butane or Propane gas which can be bought legally anywhere.

What you do is get a metal bin like a dustbin or trash can or an oil drum. Just be sure that it is water-tight and isn't leaking. Then you get a Butane-filled or Propane-filled hard steel metal cylinder, but not the smallest types which are in soft metal containers.

Empty out approximately one half of the contents of the cylinder. The contents are gas in liquid form (LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

This is easy to do, as you just take it outside to a location where there are no heat sources or sources of ignition and insert a small screwdriver in the valve on top, releasing the gas.

Then you place the approximately half-empty cylinder in the metal bin, but the cylinder must go in upside down. This is vital because, if it isn't upside down, the pressure when intense heat is applied will force the valve on top to blow off prematurely, and there will be no major explosion.

So the gas cylinder must go in upside down so that the valve is at the bottom of the metal bin.

Then you get four or five stout wooden wedges and wedge the cylinder tightly inside the metal bin.

Then petrol is poured into the metal bin until it reaches a level inside the bin at which the entire gas cylinder is completely covered by the petrol.

The petrol is then ignited – carry two lighters and two boxes of matches to be on the safe side – and, standing back about five or six feet, screw up a couple of newspaper pages into a ball, light them and throw them into the metal bin.

This ignites the petrol and it burns away until eventually it burns down to the level of the gas cylinder.

When it is burning all the heat from the petrol goes upwards - none of it goes downwards – but, when the petrol has burned down to the same level as the gas cylinder, then the heat from the burning petrol reaches the gas cylinder. Because it is half-empty, the uppermost half of the cylinder is filled with flammable petrol vapour, and this will ignite when sufficient heat is conducted through the metal of the cylinder and reaches the vapour.

This causes a massive blast and a fireball. There is also a lot of fragmentation from the gas cylinder, and so this is a really powerful and dangerous device, and it is simple and safe to make and use. A medium sized cylinder will easily demolish a house, for example.

It is also cheap and easy to acquire the materials, and there is no risk in acquiring them as it is perfectly legal to buy them. Also, no significant forensic traces are left because these are all household items and even if traces are left they are not likely to be unusual or individually distinctive.

This type of device was used in November 1983 to attack the Tory office in Glasgow, but it wasn't properly put together – the gas cylinder wasn’t upside down - and it didn't ignite properly.

(Author: See chapter: "Letter Bomb Mayhem".)

Another version was used in April 1986 to damage the British Airways office in Lumley Street in London. It caused a lot of damage and had to be set off in the early hours of the morning to avoid causing massive civilian casualties.

This was because the street is just off Oxford Street, and, in any case it would have been too busy during the day to let us plant the bomb, and then take into account the time it takes for the petrol to ignite the gas in the cylinder.

What this was about was an attack on the British Airways offices in Lumley Street. There was a move to privatize BA completely and there were a lot of fears in Scotland that essential air services to remote areas would be withdrawn, and there would be job losses and so on.

We set the bomb up on the pavement outside the doorway of the BA offices, ignited it and then walked away.

The eventual explosion was massive and we heard it ourselves a good distance away. Really loud, and it seemed to go on and on with a lot of other sounds thrown in. This was in the early hours of the morning and the street was deserted.

The media immediately began to scream about Libyan terrorism - because this was just after the American bombing of Libya - and they also said the target was an American consulate or the US Embassy which is in the area or nearby.

This was bullshit because the bomb was nowhere near the US Embassy and it wasn't in Oxford Street either, but in Lumley Street which runs off Oxford Street.

When the claim was phoned in, we had to identify the correct target which was the BA offices and give the correct location. We also gave a correct description of the device as being (made) from a gas cylinder. This went to the Press Association a couple of hours afterwards but it didn't make the news until it was mentioned in the Commons that day or that night. The media kept rabbiting on about the Libyans and the American Embassy." (See Note.)

Author's Note: I was able to confirm this incident from a number of sources.

For example, the "Times" of April 25th, 1986, quotes a statement to the House of Commons by Giles Shaw, then Home Office Minister of State, in which he refers to the claim made to the Press Association by the SNLA about the bombing of the British Airways office. His remarks are also recorded in "Hansard".

This bombing took place during a period of intense SNLA activity. Letter bombs had been sent to Malcolm Rifkind, then Secretary of State for Scotland, and to the Chairman of British Steel only a few days previously, and the campaign continued with the letter bomb addressed to Douglas Hurd which ignited inside the Home Office on July 16th 1986.

Chapter Twenty Eight

Secret Society

The SNLA is a secret society devoted to physical force struggle against the British State. But how is it organised and how do its members maintain their security?

The first rules of the SNLA are security, security and security.

Alec explains:

"The first thing is security in organizational size and structure. Basically, the more people in the organisation as a whole the weaker it becomes.

Larger numbers mean weaker security because most people will talk. But larger numbers are also bad because, in any field of human activity, there are only about 7% of the population who will ever play an active role in anything. This is basic sociology.

Recruitment of large numbers of people just means that you have a large group of useless people who never do anything. You can't get them to do anything because they have an endless supply of reasons why they can't take part in operations or do anything.

And so they become a problem in themselves, spreading negativity and a depressing spirit of do-nothingness.

Above all they talk, talk, talk. They tell everyone they meet what is going on, who is doing what, and everything else they know about the SNLA. The people they've talked to then tell the people they know, and those people pass it on to others they know, who tell others, and so on. Pretty soon what is supposed to be secret information is known to large circles of people.

The wannabes and weekenders always find an excuse never to do anything. They are full of excuses and "buts", and they'll never do anything even if you put a gun to their heads, so they're just dead wood and you have to dump them sooner rather than later. To be fair to them, they are not simply cowards, they are just fairly ordinary people and they are constitutionally incapable of action.

But you can't work on that basis, or on any basis with people like that. What you need are a small number of real activists.

The real activists are easy to recognize. They are asked to do something and they just say "Right", and then they go and do it, and that's that. And they don't talk out of school either. The best thing is to recruit very, very carefully and very, very selectively. It should be strictly FAO - For Activists Only - and that way you have no problems with security and wannabes.

Some activists prefer to work on their own, but usually a cell is formed. But the cell should never consist of more than two people.

Two people will bond together and work together effectively. But if there are more than two people then they will split. If there are three people, then you'll get a split with two on one side and one on the other. If there are four people, then you'll get a split with two on one side and two on the other. And so on.

So the ideal cell will consist of only two people. And only one person if that person wants to work on his own. This small size is also much better from a security point of view.

The activists should always be in deep cover.

Deep cover means total anonymity. This means that they do not belong to any political party or group, do not buy political papers or visit political websites on the Internet, don't collect newspaper cuttings - which is a dead giveaway - and they should never express political opinions to others, and – especially - to those closest to them.

And that means their best friends, wives and families. As well as everyone else.

No one should know anything, and the activist is protected, because he is known even to those who know him best as a person who has no political allegiances or interests, and who never expresses political opinions.

And newspaper cuttings about SNLA operations or similar operations should never be collected - a dead giveaway, as I said. They can also be used as evidence.

The SNLA is a secret society, and its members are absolutely forbidden to tell anything, even to hint or let slip a crumb of information, to anyone outside the group.

That is deep cover.

So an ideal cell will consist of only one or at most two people who can operate freely and without suspicion indefinitely.

There are other very simple security considerations. Materials should be bought in city centre locations and in a variety of different shops. The activist should never shop locally or in one shop only.

They should be wearing driver's gloves which don't attract suspicion, especially if you let a car key ring with a fob be seen dangling from your pinkie (little finger). This makes it looks like you've just stepped out of your car to make a couple of purchases. This is all done to avoid leaving fingerprints.

Then there are barcodes. These should always be removed because they allow the materials to be traced back to the shop that they're sold in. The barcode is part of the EPOS system, which means Electronic Point Of Sale.

It's amazing how many people don't know about this. But it's got nothing to do with security or surveillance as paranoid conspiracy theorists try to tell you. It's to do with checking sales and with electronic stocktaking.

All materials we use in an SNLA op (operation) should be completely untraceable.

Driver's gloves are good for working with materials, and gloves are always worn when buying or working with materials, and they're cheap so they can be disposed of at the end of the op and replaced with a new pair for the next op.

Rubber or latex gloves - such as surgical gloves - are a waste of time because they make your hands sweat, the rubber tends to tear and they react with all sorts of glues and chemical substances.

It's better to wear driver's gloves which cover the whole hand or even canvas work gloves. The common type of wool gloves are OK for ops but no good for delicate work because they leave visible traces of wool on the surface of things like letter bombs.

All the materials and tools - and this means all of them - left over at the end of an operation should be destroyed, and this means cutting them up into tiny pieces or breaking them and dumping them. This includes all tools, such as scissors, pliers, etc., which can be individually identified by tool mark identification.

Destroying any type of materials doesn't mean flushing them down the toilet because this leads to blocked drains and awkward questions.

And left over materials shouldn't be burnt either as a lot of the materials, like certain glues, will be too flammable, while others just won't burn or don't burn completely. And fires also attract unwanted attention.

It's safer just to cut or break everything up and then dump it in a sealed plastic bag a distance away from where you live, say a mile or two away. Best to do this at night.

Then there's DNA evidence. This is no problem so long as you use tap water to seal envelopes, and to fix stamps and so on.

Finally, there's CCTV cameras. People are really frightened of these, but simple precautions render CCTV useless.

All that's needed is a simple disguise. For example, a person who doesn't wear specs can get a pair with clear lenses, or a person who normally wears them can get an extra pair with different frames. Then there are baseball caps and monkey hats or hoods to cover the head.

A scarf can cover the lower part of the face, and so on. Anything which changes or covers the normal appearance is enough to fuck up CCTV pictures, especially if it's dark or at night.

If there is a real CCTV problem in daylight then a wig, dark glasses and hair dyes can be used. Or just a hood.

Another security precaution is to go through all your pockets before an op and remove everything you don't need. It's amazing how rubbish can accumulate in the pockets. It might only be a used bus ticket, but if you accidentally drop it at the scene and it's got your fingerprints on it then you are in big trouble. But very basic precautions make it extremely simple and easy, and extremely safe, to operate from deep cover.

The British State likes to give the impression that it is all-knowing, all-seeing, and that everyone is under constant surveillance. MI5 deliberately plants stories in the media to exploit this type of paranoia. The "Sunday Times" is full of planted stories, for example, although all newspapers carry these stories on a regular basis.

This is known as perception management.

But the truth is that MI5 is a very small organisation which has a long history of incompetence. One of our people was once followed around by a female MI5 agent he nicknamed "Blondie". She was so obviously keeping him under surveillance it was clear to him that she was a pathetic amateur.

So avoid paranoia. Don't jump to conclusions which are based on paranoid notions, especially those which appear in the media. The paranoid world view is called the "World of Mirrors". This is where people are literally terrified and crippled by their own paranoia.

But to avoid this it is only necessary to adopt a sensible and balanced approach. It's always necessary to remember that the most obvious and common-sense solution in any situation is always the most likely solution.

For example, if somebody breaks into your house then it's most likely to be the local burglar. It is extremely unlikely to be a break-in by MI5 or some other intelligence agency.

But there are deliberate attempts to peddle paranoia on behalf of the State.

Every year some fool of an MP stands up in parliament and asks the Home Secretary how many warrants for telephone intercepts were issued in the previous year.

The answer is that there were such-and-such a number which represents such-and-such a percentage increase in telephone intercepts on the previous year.

Then MPs and civil liberties groups start complaining about the erosion of personal liberties and so on. The mistake they all make is in assuming that the warrants for telephone intercepts are all used for political surveillance.

They are dead wrong. We once had a contact with a telephone engineer who actually carried out the intercepts. He said that none of the intercepts he had done was to do with political surveillance. It is usually a lot more mundane than that.

The telephone is a major instrument of crime. It can be used to convey threats, obscene telephone calls and so on. There is so much of this going on that the police can't handle it all. So BT (British Telecom) has established a Malicious Calls Bureau.

It is based in Dundee, and it deals with the bulk of nuisance calls.

A typical example of the need for a warrant is the problem they have with obscene telephone callers. These callers are frequently serial callers. When they call a woman at home, the telephone operator can screen her calls or she can change her number and go ex-directory.

But, when the obscene telephone caller targets women employees in a business premises, the business can't screen all its callers or go ex-directory.

To have any chance of catching the guy and proving the case against the caller, the police get a warrant to monitor and trace the calls going into the office. This is usually done with the approval and consent of the office manager.

But the office manager can't give consent on behalf of the numerous callers who will ring the office in the course of normal business. And so a warrant is granted to legalize the situation so that the routine calls can be monitored. When the obscene caller tries it again his call will be intercepted and traced.

Telephone intercepts are usually concerned with matters as mundane and sordid as that.

This isn't to say that there isn't political surveillance taking place. There obviously is, and a hell of a lot of it. For example, there's the Echelon system, but anyone with half a brain isn't going to use the telephone to discuss their own confidential business anyway.

The SNLA is a broad front and membership is open to anyone who agrees with our aims and accepts our discipline, but our underlying ideology is Maoist, although not all of our members are Maoists. We believe that the people themselves should seize State power.

Be independent, tear up the rule book and make your own rules, be proactive and act in the way that suits you best, and not in the way that convention supposedly demands. Continually do the unexpected and you always have the element of surprise, and you keep the enemy guessing.

Minimum risk, minimum effort, maximum damage. If we can badly damage the enemy's economy with as little risk to ourselves as possible, then that is our aim.

Operations should be planned to be low-risk. High-risk operations should always be avoided. And operations should always be low-cost. This means that we can pay for our own ops and avoid the risk of robberies and other types of fundraising. All such are extremely high-risk.

How we organise our communications can't be divulged."

Chapter Twenty Nine

SNLA Ideology

The SNLA, far from being romantic nationalists, are revolutionaries, and are so highly critical, indeed contemptuous, of the Scottish system as a whole that a selection of Alec's remarks are illustrative of the SNLA's philosophy, outlook and ideology:

Alec is particularly scathing in his criticisms of the Scottish legal system:

"The whole system is rotten to the core. It is very far from being "the best legal system in the world" - as we're constantly told ad nauseam. It is a feudal relic in the 21st century. The Lord Advocate is a State-appointed officer who is solely responsible for the PF (procurator fiscal) system (the Scottish prosecution service). He is in a position to do anything he damn well likes.

If we're talking about FAIs (Fatal Accident Inquiries) let's look at the death of Willie McRae. It was a political decision of the Lord Advocate and the Solicitor-General not to hold an FAI. We know this because Gordon Wilson (an SNP MP in 1985) revealed that at the time of McRae's death he was approached and asked whether the SNP wanted an FAI. But what the hell had it to do with the SNP?

The decision about the FAI should have been left to the local PF - so why did they consult the SNP about the case and make a political decision? The truth is that the SNP leadership knew that exposure of McRae's activities and links might embarrass them.

Some members of the SNP made it their business to wreck the campaign that was built up to investigate the McRae case. Strathern - Michael Strathern - was doing this for the SNP.

This carries on until the present time. Arnold Kemp the journalist wrote an article quite recently in which he mentioned the SNLA and Willie McRae in the same piece.

In a later article Kemp revealed that he had received a letter from Alex Salmond of the SNP taking him to task for mentioning Willie McRae's name together with that of the SNLA in the original article. (Note 1)

Given Scotland's provincial status within the UK, it probably isn't surprising that Scottish political parties have such a dismal record of passivity and collaboration with the British State.

The SNP are just State-sponsored nationalists. Collaborators. What more is there to say?

The Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) is similar to the SNP in lacking any revolutionary approach or a genuine national outlook. Despite building a media image of militant socialism the SSP is also a constitutional fraud.

That isn't to say there aren't genuine revolutionaries in the SSP - there are plenty of them. But the power in the party is concentrated in the hands of people like Tommy Sheridan, and Sheridan ran the show almost single-handed. (Note 2.)

Tommy Sheridan has built up an image as a revolutionary socialist. The truth is he is an extreme moderate. His background is British Labour, and basically he has never changed. The SSP's so-called socialism is just a call for nationalisation of key sectors of the economy. That isn't socialism. It is just Old Labour's Clause Four which is an alternative to socialism.

The SSP is equally dishonest when it comes to the issue of Scottish Independence. Like the SNP, they are actually European integrationists, but they babble some nonsense about converting the European Union into a united "Socialist States of Europe".

Sheridan has an appalling record. He first came to prominence during the campaign against the Poll Tax. You'll recall that when Thatcher introduced the Poll Tax, it was established in Scotland a year before it was introduced in England. This was because Thatcher wanted to have a political experiment in Scotland, in order to measure the level of resistance to the Poll Tax.

What happened was that there was no effective resistance to the Poll Tax in Scotland. The political parties just treated the issue like a political football, while Tommy Sheridan started a campaign of peaceful civil disobedience, organizing pointless protest marches, disobeying court orders and the like. All totally ineffective.

Meanwhile the Poll Tax system was working well in Scotland. The Poll Tax was being paid in most cases, and there was no resistance to it.

The result of the Scottish experiment was that Thatcher got the idea that the Poll Tax could be introduced into England without fear of any real resistance there either. She couldn't have been more wrong because the English aren't as sheepish as the Scots.

What happened was that after the Poll Tax was introduced in England, there were two big protest marches on the same day. One in Glasgow, one in London.

The one in Glasgow was headed by Tommy Sheridan and had ten or twenty thousand people and it passed off peacefully. The police said it had a carnival atmosphere and the like, which means that it was totally ineffective. A typical moral force protest. Conscience-soothing tokenism.

But the march in London, which had a hundred thousand people, turned into the Trafalgar Square Riots - which finally forced Thatcher to abandon the Poll Tax, of course.

It was what Sheridan did then that shows him in his true colours. When he found out that there were serious riots in London, he immediately flew to London and appeared on TV condemning the rioters and supporting the police.

At the time he was speaking the police had gone ballistic and were on the rampage beating up people on the streets, and a lot of them were innocent people who hadn't even been on the march.

But, while the police were beating people up on the streets, Sheridan appeared on TV and attacked the so-called rioters. In reality, he was speaking in defence of the police and the British State. That's Sheridan for you.

He is all clenched fists and pseudo-socialist rhetoric. But he's really an extreme moderate and no socialist.

There are still plenty of English and Scottish socialists who think Sheridan is a sheep in wolf's clothing who gives socialism a bad name - because of his actions on the day of the Trafalgar Square Riots. But it doesn't stop there. He is still at it.

Sheridan is all in favour of civil disobedience and uses his participation in it to boost his desired image of a militant socialist. He is supposedly a prominent anti-nuclear campaigner.

But let's look at the facts. Let's suppose that the nuclear base at Faslane was situated near London or any other major city in England. How long would it last?

Not very long because tens of thousands of peace activists, eco-warriors and anarchists would descend on it, physically blockade it, tear down the security fences, invade the base and sabotage any equipment they could lay hands on. They would use NVDA (Non-Violent Direct Action) and they wouldn't give up until they had forced the base to close down.

And they would force it to close down. Force them to do it, not beg them with silly petitions and other useless pleadings.

The nuclear base would be under constant siege, inoperable and therefore useless. And the State would be forced to close it down whether it liked it or not. This is the effect of physical force.

But what happens in Scotland? Sheridan and a load of clergymen and other do-gooders make a token protest by sitting on the road or holding a peaceful demo near the base. Great publicity for Sheridan, but it doesn't interfere one bit with the State's ability to operate the base at Faslane, and the continued operation of the base is ensured.

The demonstrators in Scotland will only use so-called civil disobedience - which is a complete waste of time - and the State knows that its base is completely safe.

In this way, Sheridan and his like actually work with and for the State because their very limited actions are no threat to the State, and their actions are a barrier to the formation of an NVDA campaign which would shut the base down.

Civil disobedience is a pro-State confidence trick. It is really moral force which is just another name for servile appeals to authority, but civil disobedience can be confused with NVDA - which is effective physical force - because it has some of the outward appearances of NVDA, with people getting arrested and so on.

In reality, civil disobedience can never be effective because it doesn't even interfere with or hinder the object of the protest.

Another example of the total uselessness of civil disobedience is the SKAT campaign. This acronym stands for Skye and Lochaber against the tolls on the Skye road bridge. Although it has been around for more than ten years, SKAT has never done anything to prevent the tolls being collected and has never achieved anything. How could they achieve anything when they don't do anything?

On occasion SKAT supporters have refused to pay the tolls on the bridge, and got fined. When a couple of them refused to pay the fines they were briefly locked up. But what good did that do?

The tolls are still being collected and the profits from the tolls are still rolling into the coffers of the Bank of America which financed the bridge. And you can bet that the directors of the Bank of America have never even heard of SKAT.

What SKAT should have done was to continually dump oil and broken glass on the Skye bridge, and on the approaches and roads leading to the bridge. This would have put the bridge out of use for long periods and no tolls would have been collected. A sustained campaign like this would ultimately have forced the British government and the Bank of America to take action to reduce or remove the tolls completely.

But, of course, nothing like this was ever done and the SKAT campaign has been a total waste of time. It is what is called "respectable" - and therefore totally useless because it is completely harmless and irrelevant to the object of the campaign.

These things - civil disobedience and all that garbage - are really counter-productive because at the end of the day they only serve the interests of the British State. They provide the illusion of resistance, but in fact they are only engaged in token protest.

To be effective, it is necessary to move from protest to resistance.

The British State - and every other State - is based on violence and on force, and the State only responds to force of one kind or another. So-called democracy is really the class rule of the Capitalist class. It is probably the most effective form of social and political control ever devised. The people are willing slaves of the system which oppresses them.

To overthrow the whole system requires force.

And force doesn't always mean violence. For example, an industrial strike is physical force because it involves the physical withdrawal of labour, as well as pickets which physically prevent deliveries – and black-legging and scabbing. And if workers hadn't used the strike weapon - which was originally illegal - they would still be working sixteen hour days."

The SNLA are equally scathing in their criticism of the SNP fringe groups whom they characterize as the "Brit Boys":

"There are all sorts of tiny pseudo-Republican, pseudo-nationalist and wannabe "Super-Revolutionary" groups in Scotland. We estimate their total combined membership at 150 to 200 people. Basically they are all pro-SNP or pro-SSP groupies who never do anything except babble nonsense. They aren't activists and do absolutely nothing, and know absolutely nothing. They are just children playing childish games, playing at being nationalists and Republicans.

They are a negative and counter-productive force in Scottish politics because by their passivity they have habitually encouraged a tradition of non-resistance to the State, and this tradition endures to this day.

The so-called Scottish Republican groupies don't even know what Republicanism means. It certainly isn't Republicanism in the Irish context which is physical force separatism and a total rejection of all forms of constitutionalism. They are only Republican in the sense that half the British Labour party is Republican. They just think monarchy is an outdated concept which should be done away with in the 21st century.


They talk about John Maclean (a famous Scottish Socialist) but they've never studied his works. They routinely describe him as a Marxist, although Maclean was actually a Syndicalist and never a Marxist in the Marxist-Leninist tradition. This isn't to criticize Maclean, but to criticize his so-called admirers.

Basically, they're all a waste of space. But what can you learn about revolutionary politics by handing out pamphlets? Nothing.

A person might just as well try to learn IT skills without going near a computer.

The only way to develop a political consciousness is in the process of physically resisting the State."

Note 1: The reference here is to two articles written by Arnold Kemp, which I managed to unearth. Arnold Kemp is a former editor of the Glasgow-based "Herald". The relevant extracts are reproduced below:

Extract 1:

"This Way Lies Fascism

Arnold Kemp

Sunday March 3, 2002

The Observer

The story of the SNLA's anthrax is linked to the name of the radical nationalist William McRae, an SNP vice-chairman, who was found shot in his car beside the A87 north of Fort William in 1985. He died next day. He was said to have been an 'active sympathiser' of the SNLA. Conspiracists have always believed that he was shot by the Special Branch. He had talked to friends of his conviction that he was under surveillance and that his 'cover had been blown'."

Extract 2:

"Songs of freedom

Hamish Henderson's death robs Scotland of its true poetic voice

Arnold Kemp

Sunday March 10, 2002

The Observer

Henderson is a father of what has come to be called 'inclusive' nationalism. This powerful notion has helped the SNP to marginalize its Anglophobic elements. (Incidentally, Alex Salmond dropped me a note last week to rebuke me for associating the name of the late Willie McRae with the SNLA, which he regards as entirely publicity-driven, the work of one or perhaps two fantasists.)"

Note 2: Tommy Sheridan is a former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party. He likes to portray himself as a revolutionary socialist.

Chapter Thirty

The SNLA And The Media

As mentioned previously, the Scottish media, reactionary, mediocre and parochial, and generally submissive to any form of authority, has always shown a marked reluctance to report SNLA activities.

Despite this, the SNLA's high-profile activities are frequently hard to ignore. The police have long since resorted to routine denials of SNLA activities, often denying the facts even when those facts can be independently verified.

In the mid-1990s, in order to make censorship official, the Major Crime Resource Unit - a police unit specially tasked to curb the activities of the SNLA - sent a senior officer to visit the editors of every major Scottish newspaper. The officers from the Major Crime Resource Unit were concerned that the SNLA were getting too much publicity!

In order to prevent this, the editors were instructed to inform the police immediately if they received any material relating to the SNLA and its activities. And, above all, nothing was to be reported until it had been approved by the police.

In effect, given the track record of the various police Press Officers in denying or downplaying SNLA activities, the intention was to impose a news black-out on the media and on the public.

In 2003 the High Court ordered that the media could not even report the name "SNLA" in covering the trial of Paul Smith!

Information control and perception management…or just plain censorship?

This censorship policy is clearly revealed in remarks by Alex Salmond of the SNP:

"The standard practice with so-called SNLA threats is to have no publicity or as little publicity as possible...".

In general SNLA communiqués are concise and truthful and, allowing for a certain understandable amount of exaggeration for propaganda effect, are generally accurate.

The same cannot be said of official statements which come from the police and other British authorities. They are often blatant lies. Usually, if an SNLA action can possibly be denied, the authorities simply deny that anything ever took place.

The original aim may simply have been to deny publicity to the SNLA, and, within limits, this is perfectly understandable, but the final result has been to undermine the integrity of the police and the British authorities themselves. They have also suffered because, like so many others who fall victim to their own lies, they are unable to understand, never mind analyse, the situation.

Reporting of SNLA activities by the Scottish and British media is equally appalling, and, regardless of the event being reported, consists of scattering clichés over a blank sheet of paper, and then filling in the spaces between such clichés as "self-styled", "crude", "hoax" and "amateurish", with whatever inaccurate invective the journalist can still muster.

All SNLA devices are "crude", for example, even ones like the Icarus device which managed to evade airport security, and was carried by air from Belfast to London. And so on and on ad nauseam.

The result of this has been much to the SNLA's advantage. While much of the media, many politicians and even the police themselves, and nearly all the public are misinformed and uninformed - and completely unable to form any clear idea of what is really going on - the SNLA can safely operate at will in the guise of mythical bogeymen created by the media's own ranting and self-deception.

For a terrorist group, this is sometimes a very useful advantage.

Chapter Thirty One

The Allies

Who are the allies of the SNLA?

In September 2001 I wrote an article on this subject for the "News Of The World". It was based on a detailed analysis of the situation following a thorough investigation, and on confidential information provided to me by a former member of the SNLA.

What is interesting is that within days of the article's publication a sanitized version of it had been re-published on the website of the Russian Maoist Party.

It is interesting and significant because the Russian Maoist Party were happy to re-publish the article but did not even make any attempt at any form of denial. Neither did the Real IRA offer any denial.

Below are extracts from the Russian Maoist Party's own version of the article which I had written:

"Tartan Hate Group Links With IRA For Terror Plot

By David Leslie

News of the World, Scottish edition, Sunday, September 23, 2001, p. 21.

The anti-English campaign to frighten Prince William from St. Andrews University has active backing from other terror groups.

On the eve of his arrival to begin art history studies they are already determined to make him quit his four-year course. A major News of the World investigation has raised serious concerns over the safety of the 19-year-old heir whose first term begins on September 24.

Behind the plot to create major disruption to Wills and his 6,000 fellow students is the outlawed Scottish National Liberation Army. Fanatic members led by 51-year-old founder member Adam Busby - a distant relative of football legend Sir Matt - want the Prince driven from Scotland just because he is English.

The tiny group of tartan terrorists, with cells in Dundee and Dumfries, would have little chance of success on their own. But former Argyll and Sutherland Highlander Busby and his followers have formed a series of potentially lethal links.

We can reveal they have support from the Real IRA - blamed for the Omagh bomb outrage that killed 29 people - the Russian Maoist Party, animal rights campaigners and an American-based pro-Celtic group dedicated to damaging English business interests.

From his Dublin home Busby is in regular contact with the Real IRA and was at one time arrested on suspicion of being a member of the extremist organisation. Irish police were forced to release him through lack of evidence.

The SNLA which uses its political wing, the Scottish Separatist Group, as a front for terror tactics has warned: "We can kill William should he attend, and we will."

And in a horrifying new move the terrorists have set up a special website, The Assassin’s Guide to St Andrews, which promises maniacs intent on harming Wills: "Here is all the info you will need to kill him."

It gives details of his movements, including a map of the town, suggests a spot for planting a car bomb which will "kill him and everyone else in the vicinity", and says "no claim of responsibility must be made immediately as separate organisations are involved and this will confuse the investigation."

During his terms at St Andrews Prince William will be protected by an armed personal bodyguard who will be able to call on a tiny unit from Fife police and members of the University’s own security staff. But there are fears that police are not taking the danger seriously enough.

The SNLA has spent two years developing expertise in poisons and infiltrating electronic systems.

Two years ago a detailed threat to cause mass murder in England by poisoning water supplies was discussed by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Cabinet.

The warning came in a series of letters posted by a members of a coalition headed by the SNLA, a Real IRA cell and animal rights volunteers.

Busby was arrested in Dublin on charges of Real IRA membership but was later released without charge. Since then the SNLA has made the most of help from highly educated sympathizers belonging to the other terror groups.

The American FBI now has a file on the SNLA after a series of frightening packages were sent in November and December 2000 to companies selling English-made goods and offices promoting business and tourism in Britain.

Claims that they were filled with a powder containing killer anthrax spores were taken seriously until analysts discovered the substance was harmless.

FBI agents traced the packages to Phoenix, Arizona.

They were unable to discover the senders but we can reveal SNLA and SSG members posted them.

Both organisations have members actively fund raising in the USA. Money to fund the Scottish Separatist Group and SNLA comes through the American-based William Wallace Society.

Since then the tartan terrorists with the help and guidance of the other groups have concentrated on attacking e-mail systems used by police forces in Scotland, the Scottish Executive, airlines, offices involved in promoting trade and tourism, St. Andrews University and media organisations.

Electronic mail purporting to come from senior Metropolitan police officers, University staff and even Scotland’s First Minister Henry McLeish has been so convincing it has fooled police and businesses.

Further packages falsely alleged to contain anthrax have been delivered to the heart of the University.

Details of security arrangements for the Prince have been posted on a Real IRA website.

And when the Home Office ordered server company Angelfire to remove the Scottish Separatist Group website the madcap Russian Maoist Party stepped in and is now hosting the site.

The Maoists have handed in a protest note to the British Embassy in Moscow complaining at the Prince being given a place at St. Andrews.

Irish Special Branch officers have recently been shadowing Busby, checking at any shops and offices visited by him.

At his Dublin home Busby said: "I have absolutely nothing to say to you or your f****** paper."

But a former SNLA member said: "It’s obvious the police don’t fully realise the extent to which Busby has organised tie-ups with people like the Real IRA.

"He has recruited younger, university-educated people who have studied the effects of neuro-toxins, which were used as germ warfare weapons by the Russians in Afghanistan, and Dimethyl Sulfoxides which are safe on their own but can be highly dangerous when mixed with other chemicals.

And disrupting police and other emergency service e-mail systems could be disastrous in an emergency situation."

I was queried at the time by a number of my colleagues who thought that the article was speculative and "alarmist". In fact, the article was soundly based on factual analysis and reflects, not only my own opinion, but that of experts within the British Intelligence community.

What is also significant is that the RMP website also contains a "joint declaration" which officially links the RMP and the SSG.

This joint declaration is the clearest possible evidence of the links between the two groups, as is the fact that the RMP hosts the SSG/SNLA website on its server.

So who are the Russian Maoist Party?

The RMP is part of the Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) which is US-based, and is a seemingly legally-functioning alliance of revolutionary groups around the world, and includes fronts for both the SNLA and the Real IRA. But there is little legal about the Russian Maoist Party.

The RMP is merely a political front for the Russian League Of Revolutionary Youth (RLRY) - which operates in Russia and among the Russian minority in the Ukraine. The RLRY is a terrorist organisation which has taken part in numerous terrorist attacks in Russia, including attacks on the household gas supplies on which Russia is totally reliant.

The Russian "political prisoners" the RMP campaigns for are imprisoned members of the Russian League of Revolutionary Youth. And the national minorities which it supports are represented by, among others, the Afghan Liberation Organisation and the most extreme Chechen terrorists.

The SNLA's links to the Real IRA (and other dissident Irish Republicans) are equally real. The Real IRA runs an American-based website called Ireland's OWN which is linked to the SNLA's website.

In a grim section devoted to "Humour", the Real IRA's website quotes approvingly from a newspaper article which reveals their successful intelligence gathering on Prince William's movements:

"Ireland's OWN: Humour

The Mirror

September 4, 2001, Tuesday



Derek Lambie

PRINCE William was at the centre of a security crisis last night after terrorists revealed top secret university details.

The Real IRA used its internet site to inform members on what William's movements will be when he begins his studies at St Andrew's in three weeks.

The hate-filled web pages of the terrorist group responsible for the Omagh bomb hint that the young prince is the target of an assassination attempt.

Real IRA members also revealed hi-tech security systems and where royal bodyguards will stay during the 19-year-old's four-year History of Art course.

Terrorists accessing the information on the webpage, which is linked to other sinister sites, are asked to leave "intelligence" they may have on the prince.

The Real IRA, which was responsible for killing 29 people and unborn twins in Omagh in 1998, first published details of the royal security arrangements last year.

However, they updated their terrorist brief for members after recent changes to the prince's security were forced upon Buckingham Palace. The new information was posted on the Republican Intelligence page of the Real IRA's website for the first time at the weekend.

St Andrew's University has been targeted by the Scottish National Liberation Army (SNLA) which sent a suspicious package to the campus two weeks ago."

What the article doesn't reveal is that all the information about Prince William on the Real IRA's website comes from the SNLA's "Assassin's Guide To St Andrews", and it was deliberately supplied to the Real IRA by the SNLA. And similar information about Prince William was previously supplied to the Real IRA in exactly the same way by the SNLA.

As far back as 1999 Adam Busby was arrested in Dublin on suspicion of membership of the Real IRA. This was in connection with the plot to poison England's water supplies, and, contrary to most media reports of the time which indicated that another four men who were arrested at the same time were allegedly members of the INLA, I have been able to discover that the persons referred to were, in fact, "dissident Republicans" all of whom allegedly had links of some kind to the Real IRA.

In addition Irish police have discovered the Real IRA's codeword on a computer in Adam Busby's Dublin home. But, as numerous people, either as visitors or guests, including some with Real IRA links themselves, also had unlimited access to the computer nothing could be proved against Busby. (Note 1.)

The links with militant Animal Rights campaigners are less well-documented, but at least one English woman who was once acquitted of an attempted bombing in the cause of animal rights had very close links to the SNLA at one time. Her name is known to me but, as she has never been accused of SNLA activities, I have chosen not to reveal it. (Note 2.)

In the 1980s, before the advent of the mobile telephone and the Internet, there were numerous conspiracy theories about an international terrorist network. In the 21st century, modern technology has permitted theory to become reality.

The fact that the SNLA is organisationally linked to other terrorist groups worldwide is indisputable.

Author's Notes:

Note 1: Adam Busby is well-known among Irish Republicans and has a friendly relationship of some kind with individuals from most of the Republican groups. This fact is well-known to the Irish police and to journalists in the Irish Republic, as the following report illustrates:

"Mail On Sunday", July 18, 1999:

"Scots Terror Chief Linked With Rogue IRA Killers

By Diarmid MacDiarmid

The Scots terrorist arrested last week for allegedly threatening mass murder by poisoning England's water supply has developed close links with one of Ireland's most feared paramilitary organisations.

Security sources say Adam Busby struck up friendships with members of the Continuity IRA while serving a prison sentence. His relationship with the organisation, a breakaway republican group opposed to the Provisional IRA's ceasefire, led detectives to keep him under close surveillance when he was released. They were worried the leader of the Scottish National Liberation Army's unpredictability and access to weapons through the Continuity IRA made him a major security threat.

One senior Garda detective in the Republic of Ireland said: 'We were very worried about what he might do here, in the North or on the British mainland. He holds extremist views and is fanatical about his cause. 'While his behaviour is highly unpredictable, he is not a stupid man. With the terrorist links he has developed he could well have been capable of planning and carrying out something big.

'We know police in Scotland have been very concerned about him because officers from Strathclyde regularly travel to Dublin to meet Garda Special Branch detectives.'

Detectives are also concerned about Busby's links to a former Irish National Liberation Army terrorist wanted for murder in England. The man is believed to have left the INLA, but police are concerned he could pass his terrorist expertise on to Busby.

Last week he claimed he had left the SNLA but the authorities on both sides of the Irish Sea have no doubt he could still pose a major security threat."

Note 2: The hoax Anthrax letters sent to St Andrews university and the DEFRA HQ in London in August 2001, had notes which bore the name: "ARM". This was wrongly interpreted as an acronym for "Animal Rights Militia", leading some to believe that the SNLA had induced animal rights activists to send the letters.

This is not the case. The word "ARM" is simply the Gaelic name for an army, and has frequently been used by the SNLA.

Despite this, the SNLA's links with animal rights activists are a reality.

Chapter Thirty Two

The Future

The SNLA have over 20 years experience of struggle and resistance. Beginning in 1980 as a typically amateurish traditionalist group, they have matured into a tiny self-sustaining and totally dedicated group of highly intelligent revolutionaries and terrorists who will go to any lengths to achieve their aims.

They have a totally millenarian outlook and worldview. They, and only they, or those who are prepared to adopt their ideology and methods, can save Scotland and the world.

Absurd? Perhaps they are, but they also have a working knowledge of Weapons Of Mass Destruction and the knowledge of how to use them. Most importantly, they have the will and determination to use them.

They have proved that by the fact that they attempted to maim or kill umpteen very ordinary people simply to test the effects of Caustic Soda inhalation. They did it without a trace of hesitation or remorse.

And the recent attempt to introduce Lead Sulphate into the London water supply was a deliberate attempt at mass murder.

They are in the vanguard of what military analysts have called the Revolution In Warfare, the frightening scenario where a tiny group of sub-national actors can seriously threaten even the most powerful State with improvised WMD.

The attacks in the USA on September 11th, 2001, are the classic example of just this type of asymmetrical warfare.

The SNLA are fully conscious that they are a minority within a minority, and know that they can only hope to achieve their aims by the coercion of the British State using WMD.

The SNLA are fully prepared and determined to do just that, and they are now equipped to do just that. They also have powerful allies who will help them. The SNLA are not vicious, vindictive or psychopathic. They will do what they perceive they have to do without any malice or rancour. But they will not hesitate to do it.

This is the inside story of the SNLA, and it is a story which is far from over.

Appendix 1

The SSG's website gives this description of the SSG and of their relationship with the SNLA:


Scottish Separatist Group


The Scottish National Liberation Army


The Scottish Separatist Group operates this website. Please note that the


is an OPEN and LEGAL political organisation which gives political support to the




The Scottish Separatist Group was formed in October 1995 by former members and supporters of the Scottish National Liberation Army. The SSG is a legal political organisation which functions openly and non-violently, while giving political support to the SNLA.

Although this website also contains information about the SNLA – which is not a legal organisation - it is important to stress that the SSG and the SNLA are separate organisations.

The SSG has three main aims. These are:

1) To halt and reverse mass English Immigration into Scotland.

2) To restore Gaelic as the national language of all Scotland.

3) To establish and maintain a totally independent Scottish Republic.

The SSG is a Scottish Republican and revolutionary nationalist group which supports the Scottish National Liberation Army politically.

The SSG is, above all else, an ACTIVIST group which - unlike all other so-called "Scottish nationalist" groups - actively resists the British State.

The SSG totally rejects the passivity and the pseudo-nationalism of the collaborationist SNP and its allies.

These bogus "nationalists" have never achieved anything for Scotland - and never will.

The SNP leadership are only interested in getting themselves elected.

They are only careerists who want to exploit the genuine national aspirations of the Scottish people for their own ends.

The SSG believes that in Scotland it is now time for National Liberation!

We must rise up!

We must reject everything British!

We must resist and destroy the British State!

We must reclaim our own country, our own language, and our own Freedom!

Appendix 2

The Lee County Health Board gives a full account of the SNLA’s hoax Anthrax letter attack on Cameron's British Foods, as well as a very clear insight into, and assessment of the effect of, so-called "hoaxes". For this reason it is worth quoting at length:

"The first anthrax threat, or "event", occurred on a Friday morning last November, when Cameron’s British Foods in Cape Coral received a letter containing a tan powder.

An accompanying letter stated that the recipients had been exposed to anthrax, a potentially deadly bacterium.

Almost immediately after the initial 911 call was received, Lee County’s Emergency Operations Center had been activated, and as part of that activation the Lee County Health Department’s Rapid Response Team was notified.

Acting as a member agency of what is called The Unified Command and Control Unit, the health department dispatched an epidemiologist to the scene. The Unified Command and Control Unit brings health, fire, EMS and law enforcement expertise to one centralized location, near to, but outside the immediate crisis perimeter - protecting those with the expertise to contain the situation, as well as that of the public, is considered paramount.

The Unified Command and Control Unit orchestrates the actions of all involved, and also notifies the FBI of the event. At the Cape Coral site, the health department epidemiologist offered expertise in the areas of potential public health threat, incubation period, symptoms and treatments, containment, and potential for spread and methods of decontamination.

At the receiving hospital he met with victims and hospital staff.

Further, the health department made follow-up visits, administered precautionary medications, and during the event acted as health liaison between Department of Health headquarters in Tallahassee and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

A second threat was received recently by another county business, and the health department played a similar role.

"Terrorist acts can and already have occurred in Lee County," states Dr. Robert South, epidemiologist at the Lee County Health Department.

Terrorism As A Hoax - The Costs

"Hoax is a term I personally don’t like to use in relation to a terrorist incident", says South, noting that as part of the investigation it may be established that although a biological agent was not present, an act of terror in fact had still occurred. He explains that in all incidents there are many consequences and many victims:

* terror and long term physiological affects suffered by those possibly exposed

*dollar value of lost business due to closing and inconvenience

*clean up cost to business and government

*evacuation of nearby homes, schools and businesses

*danger posed when emergency vehicles go to the location

*closing down access roads during event

*closing down receiving hospital with diversions of other emergencies to other hospitals

*taking fire and police crews and equipment out of general service to work the incident.

Government and the taxpayers suffer in every bioterrorist event.

The cost can be several thousand tax dollars that could be used for other public needs, and may involve the time, manpower and equipment of any or all of the following:

*Federal officials - FBI, CDC, Postal Inspectors, EPA, FDA, USDA

*State - State Emergency Operations and Department of Health

*Local - Emergency Operations Center (EOC), city and county government, the Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Unit (HAZMAT), Police and Sheriff’s Departments, and the Departments of Transportation and Public Safety.

The federal government defines terrorism as "...the unlawful use of force and violence against person or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objective."

If this is the intent, then the objective of the terrorist has been accomplished - with or without the use of a real agent."


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