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Sons of Equestris

Sons of Equestris, The (Paperback)
by Nick Robley

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Paperback: 124 pages

Published: 23 May 2006

Language English

ISBN: 1905529139

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The Son's of Equestris is a piece of work that is on a very controversial matter at present. Animal Extremism is in the headlines. Though this is not a political book and i am not essentially a political person. However I am a strong believer in the rights of animals as beings that can feel pain just like we can. As for the book, one of the many duties of a soldier is to fight to protect people. So why can they not fight to protect our animal friends? Without wishing to incite violence by animal rights groups, for this is a violent story, someone has to make a stand and fight!!

Reviewer: Inka Ricketts "Khadija" (England) This book is truly a fabulous read i could not put the book down i wanted to get the end of the book to find out what happened at the end. The book is a gripping book, it kept me interested all the way through. The author has well thought when writing this book. I would recommend this book to any one i throughly enjoyed reading this. I am looking forward to more of this new authors work. Well impressed for a first time book. Well Done Nick.

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