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Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice

Sister Species: Women, Animals, and Social Justice

U. of Illinois Press, 2011

Sister Species addresses interconnections between speciesism, sexism, racism, and homophobia, clarifying why social justice activists in the twenty-first century must identify and challenge these various intersecting forms of oppression simultaneously.  Through courageous, gripping personal narratives from women who have personally explored links of oppression between human beings and nonhuman animals, Sister Species examines exploitative enterprises such as cockfighting, factory farming, vivisection, and the bushmeat trade. Sister Species demonstrates with painful clarity why every activist must be on board with other social justice concerns.

 "Through their stories, [these] women establish that the suffering of animals is an important concern for human beings; that women’s involvement in animal advocacy is consistent with other traditions of women’s social advocacy, and that there are connections among forms of oppression and that these connections require that we include animals in our advocacy."
-- from the foreword by Carol J. Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat:  A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

"This book will change your way of thinking about animals who don't happen to be human."
-- The Book Garden Review

"If you desire to be a stronger, more confident advocate and to feel less alone, despairing, and frustrated in pursuit of justice for animals, if you care about what animals are going through and about animals themselves, including dragonflies and hornets and the community of life on earth: Sister Species is for you."
-- Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns
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