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The Politics Of The Pasture

Dear Readers,

My book about the Bill and Lou affair at Green Mountain College, a topic covered in great depth here at Eating Plants, is now available as an e-book. The title is The Politics of the Pasture: How Two Oxen Inspired a National Debate about Eating Animals. At the moment it can be purchased on Amazon, but over the next few days will also become available at iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and And, of course, you can always purchase it at Lantern Books, who did a brilliant job with the project.

I hope you will help me and Lantern Books spread the word. This book covers what I think was a critical moment in animal rights history--the moment when a national discussion finally arose over the troubled intersection of environmental and animal rights ideologies.

I worked every day for many hours on this book for three months without interruption. In some ways, that's way too fast. But the upshot is an analysis that comes while the embers of this event are still glowing. My passion for these animals remains similarly afire.

In many ways, this is your book. Readers were relentless in their support of my endeavor. I never could have written the book without the constant stream of contacts, news items, tips, and analytical suggestions. As I write this post, I'm overcome with gratitude and inspired by your dedication to the cause of animals. Thank you so much.

James McWilliams

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