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Off The Track

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Betsy S Lee has resided in St. Augustine for the past fifteen years. She loves animals especially Greyhounds (she owns two).

She has written a series of children's books. The first, OFF THE TRACK has been released by the The Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services in recorded format in which she provided the narration.

The story traces the adventures of three dogs: Libby (once known as Miss Tiger) who is a retired Racing Greyhound super-sports star, "Precious Princess" an ex-beauty queen show dog, and Fawn who is deservingly nicknamed the "Nut. The book allows the young reader to explore such issues as self-esteem, personal behavior, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills in a non-threatening allegorical. It also exposes young readers to easily digestible snippets of history. (Greyhounds are the only dogs mentioned in the Bible.)

She has been selling OFF THE TRACK, in manuscript form to parents, grand parents and teachers. There is a demand for OFF THE TRACK but she does not have the resources to fill it.

Research has shown that Off THE TRACK is geared towards middle readers (for children with or without problems). Children love to read it and to read it to their younger siblings. From the feedback that she gets even the adults enjoy it. It stands alone in dealing with interaction of animals in handling our modern day pressures and current events.

She is a member of the National League of Pen Woman, Inc., and am widely recognized for my extensive knowledge about greyhounds. She has authored articles about greyhounds, given lectures to professional breeders and handlers, and has been a Therapeutic Facilitator at various hospital and psychiatric facilities.

Libby, PP, and Fawn


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