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No Mercy, by Marianne Pena

No Mercy is available at,, or it can be ordered through most local book stores.


Novelist Grace Morgen must decide if her vigilante quest to stop animal abusers is getting out of control. Desperate to put an end to the pitiful sounds of the helpless animals she hears in her head, Grace is getting more emotionally unstable. Her Christianity is in conflict with the revenge she takes, but she feels this is the only justice the abusers are going to receive. Jack Adams, who owns a private investigation company, is a friend of Grace who helps her to get the abusers. In the beginning, he helped only when she got in too deep but now he does it to be close to her. The most recent case they are working on is about a particularly violent abuser, Michael Jacobs. He tortured and killed his girlfriend's little dog Pepper. He spent a year in jail for that crime but Grace doesn't believe it was adequate punishment. Grace lives in an old asylum she bought and fixed up in which there is a treatment room in the basement that is used to punish the abuser; to do to them what they did to their victims. They also tattoo their crime on their forehead. After Grace's mother died, she found two boxes of notes her father had made before he died 17 years ago in a car accident. Now Grace thinks his death may not have been an accident. With the help of a reporter, a cop, and a tattooist, Grace and her friends try to put the pieces and scraps of information her father left to take down a Nazi scientist, a gunrunner and his psycho girlfriend whose dad is a hit-man.

Author Marianne Pena is a tattooist in Auburn, California. Her interests include writing, painting, drawing, and photography. Pena loves animals. This is her debut novel.

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