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New Book from John Robbins - No Happy Cows

Dear Friends,

I have just released a provocative new book!

No Happy Cows- Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Food Revolution, shares cutting edge disease-beating, health-activating, age-reversing information, and tools to make a difference in the world.

With rates of obesity and chronic illness continuing to rise, GMOs penetrating ever deeper into our food supply, and industrialized agriculture reeking havoc on our world, the time is ripe for big changes.

There are two powerful forces today that are on a collision course. On one side, we have Monsanto and other agrichemical companies, and we have the massive vested interests behind industrial agriculture and factory farms. On the other side, we have a rising tide of people wanting our food to be produced in a way that is healthy, socially just, and friendly to the earth. These two opposing forces are fighting a war over dinner.

I wrote No Happy Cows to help you win.

No Happy Cows offers answers to explosive questions like:

Are Factory Farms becoming biological weapons factories?

Chocolate turns out to have startling health benefits. What's the scoop?

Should junk food marketing to kids be banned?

Bitter beans: Why does fair trade coffee matter so much?

Recent reports say soy is toxic. Is it true? What's the real story?

What's the truth about Vitamin water? Is it a healthy alternative, or a deceptively marketed bottle of junk food?

Fast food is cheap, convenient, and tasty. And you already know eating it can lead to obesity and higher rates of heart disease. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. What are the real costs?

There's a good chance you consume foods every day that contain genetically modified organisms. They may be in your pantry right now. What are they, and why does it matter?

What's the skinny on grass fed beef? Is it really healthier and more sustainable?
You may have seen some videos on how factory farms treat livestock. You may have seen how unclean, unsafe and inhumane the conditions are... But do you know how it directly affects your health and life?

If you care about global warming, chew on this: Cows impact our climate more than cars. What's the most climate-friendly diet?

Certain food policies are politically possible and would make a huge difference. What are they?

How can you be a positive influence on others - and not a self-righteous nag?

Click here to order now.

Yours for healthy people and a healthy planet,

- John Robbins

PS from the team:

We just posted more information on No Happy Cows, including the table of contents and the introduction, on John's website. You'll also find tools to help you promote the book, and a special free gift offer available to all of our site visitors who purchase the book. Check it all out here.

We also just launched my John's Facebook page, and we'll be sending free autographed copies of No Happy Cows to two people who "like" the page in the month of April! The page is linked here.

Thanks for your interest in an amazing book!

John Robbins: Is author of Diet for a New America and many other bestsellers, founder of EarthSave International, and one of the most popular bloggers on the Huffington Post. He is a recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, the Green America Lifetime Achievement Award, and dozens of other honors.

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