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Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective


In Nature Ethics An Ecofeminist Perspective, Marti Kheel explores the underlying worldview of nature ethics, offering an alternative ecofeminist approach. Seeking to heal the divisions between the seemingly disparate movements and philosophies of feminism, animal advocacy, environmental ethics, and holistic health, Kheel proposes an ecofeminist philosophy that underscores the importance of empathy and care for individual beings as well as larger wholes.


Batya Bauman: "The ecofeminist idea of caring for and about individuals within nature as opposed to the conservationist preoccupation with preserving species has never more clearly been elucidated. One of the hallmarks of this difference is the attitude toward hunting. While the conservationist views hunting as a way to control species populations and therefore nature, the ecofeminist empathizes with the individual animal -- as an individual being with its own feelings and agenda -- who is hunted down and killed."

Carol Adams: "Nature Ethics is a major contribution to ecofeminist philosophy, animal liberation, and environmental ethics. Marti Kheel offers an invaluable critique of the ecological position that accepts violence toward individual beings while professing love and respect for the larger natural world."

Jeffrey Masson: "Why do so many environmentalists proclaim their love of nature but romanticize hunting and eat meat? Nature Ethics offers significant insight into the long-standing tensions between environmental thought and animal advocacy. I would buy this book for the section on "Vegan Practice" alone. I can't think of a better analysis of what it means to be vegan, from the wider perspective that Marti Kheel seems to have mastered better than just about anyone else. There are nuggets here that will resonate with anyone who has ever argued with a meat-eater, and there are insights we can all apply to our everyday life. There is very little that Marti Kheel does not explore; reading the book is like taking a fine course at a university (should such exist) where these topics are taken seriously. Hats off to Marti Kheel and this wonderful book!"

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