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A Man Out of Season

PublishAmerica Presents A Man Out of Season by Andrew London

Frederick, MD March 8, 2011 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present A Man Out of Season by Andrew London.

The threat of extinction looms very near!cDirect action is Tanzania's best option when their wildlife stands in the crosshairs of a huge international poaching ring that is financed by a vast crime syndicate with ties to China, Europe, and the Middle-East.

Former CIA assassin and retired French Foreign Legionnaire, Mark Hurley, gets the green light to strike hard and strike fast! When Tanzania's Serengeti comes under attack, Hurley is there to make sure the enemy gets no second chances.

But forensic scientist, Dr. Cate Palmer, is fighting the poachers on a different front. She wants to see the criminals caught and their ring of terror destroyed, but she does not agree with fighting fire with fire and is strongly opposed to the government's choice of using Hurley as their secret weapon.

However time is running out. Conservation scientists estimate that all of Africa's wild elephants will be extinct within ten years, and many other species will soon follow if the poaching threat is not subdued. And while various government agencies argue over the effectiveness of forensic science to solve their poaching problem, Mark Hurley seems to be their only hope.

Therefore Tanzania has declared open season on the poachers. They have introduced a super predator into the equation: Hurley needs no hunting license and no target is off limits; until forensic science gets established and accepted on the African continent Hurley is the weapon of choice in the gruesome war against poaching Africa's wildlife.

Mark Hurley is A MAN OUT OF SEASON!

Andrew London is a novelist, animal rights activist, and environmentalist.

'It has been an extreme pleasure to work with this talented and dedicated author,' said PublishAmerica Public Relations Director Shawn Street. 'For ordering information, please visit .'

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