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How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat: graceful children's literature with a mission

How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat
July 23, 2012
By: Jeannette Smith

Anti-Fur Society Founder, Rosa Close, published her first book, How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat, with dazzling illustrations by Erika Silva.
Anti-Fur Society Founder, Rosa Close, published her first book, How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat, with dazzling illustrations by Erika Silva.

Disregarding peaceful coexistence with Nature, human-beings continue to encroach on wildlife habitats for the purpose of destroying territory to expand urban areas and suburbia, needlessly killing wildlife for trophy-hunting, and the barbaric practice of Fur Trapping, a horrifying practice used to trap, crush, and kill domestic and wild furbearing animals for the sake of financial greed.

As Anti-Fur Activists, 'seem to be constantly hitting a brick wall when addressing adults about animal suffering,' Rosa Close, Founder of the Anti-Fur Society, has skillfully added a new audience to address ' children. Rosa's first publication of her bilingual English -- French Children's Literature book, How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat, Comment La Petite Renarde A Sauv' Sa Peau, translated by St'phanie Rossenu, is now available in an exquisite and heartfelt paperback.

'Children have an unlimited power to influence their friends, parents, and relatives.' Rosa believes. 'If a child tells her mommy that her fur coat is disgusting, her mommy will think twice before ever buying another one.' Rosa says, 'The idea and the story came to me as lightening. I wrote it in about ten minutes.' She adds, 'I only had to edit it very carefully to address the young public.'

Rosa expertly dodges real life consequences, focusing on a world children will readily understand, the happy world we wish for and can achieve through education and awareness. Using common nouns, such as 'the big man with the dogs,' and referring to the foxes as 'Mommy,' 'little foxes,' 'baby', and 'brothers and sisters,' all ages will universally identify with the story and characters.

Enchantingly illustrated by Erika Silva, the vibrant renderings, originally produced in watercolor, are stunning and delightful. Erika Silva perfectly captures Rosa's intent to portray her entire message to young children without brutality. Rosa explains, 'One needs to be very tactful when writing for children especially when introducing a subject that involves violence and cruelty to other beings.'

Erika's down-to-earth artistry visibly portrays the Eden we imagine and want our world to be. 'One needs to introduce it in a way that will not affect the child emotionally but rather show the positive angle, that the child has the power to make a difference,' Rosa says. With an occasional smiling sun and an expression of a peaceful tree untouched and revered, children will relate to Erika's landscapes filled with bustling nature.

Currently, How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat is also available bilingually in English ' Chinese translated by Zhang Dan. Rosa's devotion to this particular translation is twofold. 'All revenues from this version will go to the animal groups I work with in China.' People 4 Chinese Animals, another project founded and operated by Rosa's Misha Foundation, collaborates with likeminded organizations to advocate for domestic and wild animals in China.

'I am very busy getting the book published in several bilingual versions,' Rosa states. Other bilingual publications will include English - Spanish, English - German and English -- Italian translations. 'I am not yet thinking about future books,' Rosa says. 'However, I have a feeling that a new book will happen again in the near future.'

Whether you are a parent reading to your child, a sibling reading to your younger brother or sister, a beginning reader, or now reading on your own, everyone worldwide will be eagerly waiting, reading, and learning How the Little Fox Saved Her Coat, in their native language.

Rosa Close will be signing copies of her book at the July 2012 Taking Action For Animals Conference in Washington, D.C. and the September 2012 International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. For more information, visit the official website and Little Fox Book on Facebook.

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