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Jesus Was A Vegan

About the Book

This book raises many interrelated important issues in life and tries to clarify the spiritual facts and to tie the loose ends, according to the wisdom of Divine Love. The good news about Lord Christ Jesus being a vegan (a strict vegetarian), for Biblical reasons is expounded in this book so all nations can immediately convert to the Christian vegan religion of heaven; for the sake of God's Justice that must be served on earth. The book indeed is a must read for all people because the entire creation including mankind has only one Savior to understand, obey, learn from and follow in order to do God's will, to be justified of sins and to see the Kingdom of God in righteousness. Since science also belongs to Christianity and this true faith is about universal redemption, the pages of this book discuss in detail the interests, the well-beings and the freedom of all creatures. The main points discussed in here, from the Christian vegan perspectives are: why mankind should live to honor God, about the universally abiding laws given us by the supreme Creator, the Christian justice, the importance of Church unity, nutrition, balanced diet and related issues. The pages loudly echo the spirituality of animals and the normal feelings of all that live; encouraging mankind to choose environmentally friendly products and services instead of animal products or animal services. Every violent sport and entertainment that involves animals is denounced together with the modern day idolatry and animal slavery; urging God fearing people to actively love and defend all animals and the universe in the Holy Name of Christ Jesus now and always. The goal of the book is to help the entire human race grasp the urgency of the animal right issue so all can repent together, start to pray unceasingly, watch and work in order to heal the damaged environments spiritually also work to restore world peace, order, equality among the earthly dwellers and lasting harmony. This book is indispensable for Bible scholars also for all God fearing people; it is animal friendly and can easily be used as a reference book or to instruct kids and adults in the non-violence principles of Christianity.

About the Author

Saba first started adopting the Christian vegan way of life, on a Thanksgiving Day two decades ago. Today she is a happy participant in the Lord's Universal Ministry. This is the second book by the author, the first being The Christian Vegan Revised Psalms. She is greatly interested in defending the rights of all animals, in taking active part in the environmental and animal-healing ministry also in evangelical works of the Holy Church.

Free Preview

The Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit testify today, to all those who are sensible and normal enough to receive the Good News; to all who have ears to hear the audible, communicable, understandable, absolute Truth; to those who endeavour to obey the only abiding laws of Love, that the only begotten Son of the almighty God, the living Lord Christ Jesus himself was a vegan or that the Lord never used any kind of animal product or any animal service. The Saviour of the whole world, the Lamb of God, was a vegan for the sake of the Father's Kingdom and God's righteousness. Because the Holy Lamb of God, the Alpha and the Omega Himself, was a vegan, because the mediator Himself, who alone can give us eternal life and make us one with God and one with all the good creations was a strict vegetarian we must also obey the law, which clearly says, "thou shalt not kill" and do likewise. Whatever Lord Christ Jesus was like, is or did and still does we too can endeavour to learn from, accept, and put into practice in our own lives also share those things with others.

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