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iBook: Humphrey the Hereford

Revenue from sales will go towards animal rights education in Africa, particularly among children.

Exciting news: The Story of Humphrey the Hereford, an animal rights book aimed mainly at children from the age of 8 upwards, has just been published and is attracting enormous attention in many countries. The author, Stephen Marcus Finn, has published this book under the auspices of Beauty Without Cruelty, the leading animal rights organization in Africa. In this book, Caw the Crow -- the most brilliant of all birds (as he keeps on reminding us) -- tells the story of his great friend, Humphrey the Hereford, from the time he was a calf until …. Well that’s for you, the reader, to find out. The exquisite, sensitive illustrations add so much to the book, which is suitable for children, teenagers and even adults as you’ll be led into a world you’ve never experienced before. And when you read or listen to it, you will laugh, you will cry, you will never see animals in the same way again. The book will certainly further the ethos and aims of your organisation as well as promote reading among children especially.

Download The Story of Humphrey the Hereford from the Apple iBookstore for $4-99. This interactive book allows you to read along with Caw and hear his voice as he himself tells the story.


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