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From Dusk 'Til Dawn, Distributed in the U.S.

From Dusk 'til Dawn: A.L.F. / animal liberation history book out now

The revised U.S. printing of former A.L.F. prisoner Keith Mann's 722 page history of the animal liberation movement has been released (click here to order).

After last year's limited U.S. pressing, Voice of the Voiceless has done a layout revision and full printing of Keith Mann's instant animal liberation classic. Previously available only as an import for nearly $50, From Dusk 'til Dawn is now available in the U.S. at a reasonable price for the first time.

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Written by former Animal Liberation Front organizer Keith Mann, From Dusk 'til Dawn is a detailed account of the advance of the radical Animal Liberation Movement, from the English hunt saboteurs of the 1960's, to the Animal Liberation Front of the 1970's and 80's, to the focused direct action campaigns of the 1990's. Daring stories of masked liberators spiriting animals from labs in the middle of the night, militant vegans firebombing egg farm trucks, and the dramatic government response.

Fifteen years in the making, From Dusk 'til Dawn was born during Keith Mann's lengthy prison sentence for Animal Liberation Front actions. His escape from custody in 1994 nearly scuppered the project but his determination to document the growth of the animal liberatio movement ensured its completion, and what an incredible and gripping story he has to tell.

Endorsed by Morrissey, From Dusk 'til Dawn is a must-read for anyone wishing to understand why people break the law to rescue animals from exploitation.

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Also available: Animal Liberation Front- Complete U.S. Diary of Actions

From Dusk 'Til Dawn, a book written by former ALF member Keith Mann, is now being distributed by The North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Keith wrote this monumentous book over the past fifteen years, much of it while serving time in prison, or while on the run after his escape from prison.

From Dusk 'Til Dawn is truly an "Insiders View of the Growth of the Animal Liberation Movement", and has been given rave reviews by Morrisey as well as John Feldman of Goldfinger and Ingrid Newkirk. The novel would be a GREAT X-MAS gift to anyone who cares about the struggle for Animal Liberation. Even though the book is over 600 pages, it's a fast-paced and exciting read.

Though NAALPO supports the ideology of liberation groups who go beyond the non-violence of the Animal Liberation Front, we believe this book to be a necessary read for anyone who is interested in not only the ALF but in all others struggling for animal liberation.

Whether or not you support the ALF, after reading this book you will have a much better understanding as to why and how these brave individuals are willing to risk their lives and freedom to engage in direct action on behalf of non-human animals being oppressed, exploited, tortured and killed by humans for their own greed and satisfaction. For more information on the book, go to:

The book is $38.00 US, plus $5.00 shipping cost, the lowest possible price and a huge savings in postage compared to ordering from the UK directly. The Press Office will make sure Keith receives every dollar spent on the book, and is helping subsidize shipping costs to US buyers.

Send us your order by email to, making sure to include a complete address; you can pay us directly using a credit card via PayPal (send funds to, or send check, cash or money order to:
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