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Rutgers-Newark Law School Professor Gary Francione Argues Abolitionist Position in New Book About Animal Rights

NEWARK, NJ 'As a practical matter, animal welfare regulation simply does not work,' writes Gary Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers School of Law--Newark, in the new book The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation? (Columbia University Press, 2010). Animal protection laws lead neither to the end of animal exploitation nor to a reduction in the use of animals. They only, he argues, make society feel more comfortable about exploiting animals while perpetuating the fundamental immorality of animal use.

Instead what Francione proposes and defends in this debate-style book is 'ethical veganism,' which is the rejection of all animal products. 'Ethical veganism is the only position that is consistent with the recognition that for purposes of being treated as a thing, the lives of humans and nonhumans are morally equivalent.'

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