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Fowl Gestures - December 2013

A short excerpt from the upcoming book Fowl Gestures: The riotous madness behind the animal rights menace by animal rights activist Bob Chorush is now available in The Treehouse Magazine http://www.thetreeh ousemagazine. com/index/. Please check it out and leave comments thanking Treehouse for including animal rights content and encouraging them to feature future AR articles.

Fowl Gestures details high speed chases, arrests, jurisdictional disputes, court cases and media campaigns during the three-year-long campaign that led to the end of gassing of Canada Geese in Seattle parks by the United States Department of Agriculture; reports on the Field of Dreams Hunting Club (Shoot and They Will Come), animal rights activists-turned- hunters who challenged Washington State's hunter harassment law by becoming very poor hunters, and other animal rights stunts.

To be on the email list for updates about the publication of this book or to receive an electronic copy of the complete chapter from which the Treehouse excerpt is taken, please contact the author at bchorush@gmail. com.

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