The Diary of Michelle Rokke
(undercover investigator at HLS in 1997)
During the last decade, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) has been targeted by those who are opposed to animal abuse. This has been prompted by a number of exposures of cruelty towards animals being used by HLS: this information was only made possible through several undercover investigations in both Britain and America.

To date there have been five such investigations (information about all of these is available from
SHAC). The third investigation was carried out by Michelle Rokke at the HLS premises in New Jersey, and the detailed diary-record that she compiled while working there can be read from the menu below; due to the length of the diary, this had been divided into three sections:
Diary of Michelle Rokke: part 1 (146k)

Diary of Michelle Rokke: part 2 (138K)

Diary of Michelle Rokke: part 3 (143k)
In addition to the diary, there are two abridged versions; one deals solely with the cruelty witnessed, and the other deals with the poor standard of work:
Diary of Michelle Rokke dealing with cruelty witnessed (75k)

Diary of Michelle Rokke dealing with poor work standards (32K)



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