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Crazy Love
David Martin

Simon & Schuster, February 2002, 288 pp.
ISBN: 0743223500

Genre: Romance
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner
Reviewed: 12/18/2001

DC lobbyist Katherine Renault fled the capital to escape well meaning people constantly badgering her as she recovered from the operation. She chose her fiance's Appalachia cottage as being as far from Washington as one can get without going to a third world nation.

After months in her mountain retreat, Kathryn joins an animal rescue team. Her first mission involves two men abusing a cow. There she watches compassionate Joseph David “Bear” Long intercede so that the animal can die with dignity. Soon Bear and Katie as he calls her become an entry in more ways then one as they rescue animals and fall in love. However, everyone knows she is a sophisticated urbanite and he is a retarded hillbilly. Thus no one will bet on this couple surviving together once she inevitably goes home.

This mushy novel is an entertaining romance between two polar opposites. The rescue missions seem too easily achieved yet the plot hooks the audience from start to finish due to the endearing cast. Bear and Katie make a warm odd couple. The secondary characters including the animals provide the necessary depth so that the audience can observe the robustness of the lead duet’s relationship. David Martin’s tale seems so real encouraging the reticent to go find their own CRAZY LOVE.


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