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In Search of Consistency: Ethics and Animals

In Search of Consistency: Ethics and Animals

Brill Academic Publishers, 2006

At the intersection of animal rights, environmental ethics, and religious studies, In Search of Consistency systematically examines the work of influential scholars Tom Regan (animal rights), Peter Singer (utilitarian ethics), Andrew Linzey (theologian), and Paul Taylor (environmental ethics), then explores ethics and animals across six world religions (Indigenous faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). This monumental, ground-breaking volume not only introduces key thinkers and revolutionary ideas of the past, but also explores "the sanctity of life," exploring an intriguing moral theory, "The Minimize Harm Maxim," rooted in the time-honored moral ideals of impartiality and consistency. In Search of Consistency questions what it means to be human and challenges our assumed place in the universe.

"Dr. Lisa Kemmerer offers up a thoughtful critique of existing animal rights philosophies and goes one step further, turning those critiques into a thoughtful and thought-provoking new philosophy. This carefully researched and lovingly crafted book is refreshing in its straightforward approach and unyielding intent to create a more just world for all living beings."
-- Steven Wells, Animal Legal Defense Fund
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